17 Church Member Satisfaction Survey Questions

Church-Member-Satisfaction-Survey - Tiny ChurchChurch satisfaction surveys are a great way to get insight into members’ feelings about the church. They can help you figure out what the congregation’s needs and desires are and if they’re happy with the current state of things. 

That’s why we created this 17 question survey, to make sure your members are comfortable with their experience. 

Why Conduct a Church Member Satisfaction Survey?

Many churches started conducting church satisfaction surveys in mass during COVID-19 when about thirty-three percent of practicing Christians stopped going to church. Due to the widespread adoption of online worship, many churches wanted to know if their ministry was still satisfying member needs.

With greater access to online surveys and a means to distribute them, it was easy for ministries to create and distribute church satisfaction surveys during services. 

Although members have returned, many still watch online, and even if every member is present at church, it's hard to gauge church member satisfaction without a survey.   

This is why so many churches across the country still conduct church member satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. These smart churches know that the feedback members provide in surveys helps church growth. 


Church Satisfaction Survey

Use the church satisfaction survey questions as either a springboard for your own survey or copy and past them into an online survey tool, such as SurveyMonkey. You can also copy and paste them directly into a Word document, which you can print off and distribute in person. 

1. Gender

  • Male 
  • Female 

2. Age

  • Under 20 
  • 20-29 
  • 30-39 
  • 40-49 
  • 50-59 
  • 60-69 
  • 70+ 

Keep age in mind as you review the answers to this church satisfaction survey. You'll likely see some generational difference in preference for sermons and worship style. 

If you notice that a particular age group looks less engaged than others, assess your ministry for them. Do you have small groups catered to their age group?  

 Are there older, more spiritually mature mentors coming alongside them if they're younger? 

3. How Active of A Member Are You? 

  1. I attend service but am otherwise inactive 
  2. I am somewhat active--I have made connections with other church members 
  3. Moderately active--I have formed friendships with other church members and occasionally attend events 
  4. I am quite active--I have close friendships with church members, regularly attend events and am part of a small group 
  5. I am very active--I have close friendships with church members, I attend most events, am part of a small group and help with church leadership (i.e., worship team, childcare, event hosting, small group hosting, etc.) 

4. What First Attracted You to This Church (Check All That Apply)?

  • The worship 
  • The sermons 
  • The community 
  • The activities/events 
  • The refreshments 
  • The opportunities for outreach 
  • The small groups 
  • Close to home/convenience 
  • I knew other church members who attended 
  • My parents and/or other family members attend this church 
  • I share the same denomination as this church 
  • I heard positive reviews about the church 
  • I liked a social media post or some other ad online 
  • It fit my style/aesthetics preferences 
  • Other 

You may get a variety of answers to this question. Everyone has preferences for what they want their church experience to be like. Now, there are some tough questions on this church survey. Take this as encouragement! 

If you get a clear consensus on this question, though, you've probably found your church's "selling point." Lean into these strengths as you try to attract new members. 

Let's say most of the applicants respond that they like small groups and the community. Consider having a photographer take shots of various small groups. 

Then, pair them with quotes from participants about how they've grown because of the small group. Post this on social media or your website. 

5. Do You Find That Your Answer(s) to #5 Is Still an Attractive Feature of This Church?

  • Yes 
  • No 

 When there's a shift in church leadership, it can sometimes feel like "change for change's sake." Yet if there hasn’t been much change, you'll need some new energy and vision.  

There's still a chance to revitalize those features of your church that may have lost their shine. Try going to a new church retreat location this year or changing your worship song list. Maybe you need new small groups. 

6. Why or Why Not (Choose All That Apply)?
  • My answer to #5 is still an attractive feature of the church 
  • Change in church leadership or pastor 
  • Change in church mission 
  • Change in worship team or worship style 
  • Change in culture/community aspect 
  • Other 

As we just talked about, churches change. 

A new pastor can bring something fresh to the table, but keep in mind that some long-time church members may be susceptible to change. In other words, try not to be overly concerned with this answer. The focus is your church mission and culture. It’s important to not lose its way morally. 

7. What Prevents You from Getting More Engaged at Church?


  • I am actively involved in church 
  • Not enough time 
  • I am not interested in being more involved at church 
  • I have not connected with a lot of people at church 
  • I am not a member or a new church member 
  • Transportation 
  • Other

8. On a Scale of One to Five, How Would You Rate the Worship Service?

  1. I strongly dislike it  
  2. I dislike it most of the time 
  3. It's okay 
  4. I like it most of the time/all the time 
  5. I love it 

9. On a Scale of One to Five, How Would You Rate the Sermons?

  1. I strongly dislike them
  2. I dislike the majority of the sermon
  3. They are okay
  4. I like most/all of the sermons
  5. I love sermons 

10. Do You Feel Like You've Grown Spiritually Since Attending This Church?

  1. I have not grown at all 
  2. I have grown a little  
  3. Unsure 
  4. I have grown a decent amount 
  5. I have grown exponentially

11. On a Scale of One to Five, How Would You Rate the Spiritual Vitality of the Church as A Whole?

  1. Very Weak 
  2. Weak 
  3. Okay 
  4. Good 
  5. Very Good 

Why is this an important question for your church member satisfaction survey? It will test the church's self-awareness.  

Why is this an important question for your church member satisfaction survey? It will test the church's self-awareness. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of how we come across others and whether our communication skills are effective or not. The better you know yourself, the more clearly you can communicate your message.

12. What Three Words Would You Use to Describe the Personality/Culture of the Church? Explain.

If you get a lot of the same adjectives for this question, this means you have a strong church culture. Answers across the board may indicate that the church has not yet established its personal identity. 

Above all else, your church identity should be grounded in Christ. Take this question as an opportunity to test the self-awareness of church leadership. 

If you don't like the answers, you receive, meet with your church leadership team, and choose three adjectives. Spend the next year working toward these if you want to remold your church's culture. 

13. In Your Personal Opinion, What Is This Church's Biggest Strength and Biggest Weakness?

Let them answer your members answer this question freely, without multiple choice options. This will invite creative, honest answers and room to explain. 

Take the answers as a learning experience.

14. How Likely Are You to Invite a Friend to This Church? 

  1. Very unlikely 
  2. Somewhat unlikely 
  3. Unsure
  4. Somewhat likely
  5. Very likely

If the number of new members joining has become stagnant, it’s time to adjust your church growth plan. Social media marketing is helpful but invites from current church members are transformative. 

15. Are the Church Service Times Suitable For You (Choose All That Apply)?

  • Yes, church service times are suitable for me 
  • No, I wish there were more service time options 
  • No, I wish there were an earlier service 
  • No, I wish there were a later service 
  • Yes, but I wish the service were longer 
  • Yes, but I wish the service were shorter 

Did you know that a majority of people prefer to worship between 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning?  

The earlier window (7:00-8:30 a.m.) is becoming a popular time for the Baby Boomer, because they are empty nesters, it's easier for them to make an earlier time.

16. Answer True or False to the Following Questions:

  • I feel welcome here 
  • I perceive that others feel welcome here too 
  • The church leadership team is doing an excellent job  
  • The pastor's teachings are from the Word of God 
  • The church's mission statement and doctrine are biblically sound 
  • I believe that church leadership allocates funds wisely 
  • This church has made a significant difference in the community 
  • This church has made a significant difference in other nations 

Pay special attention to the fourth question. It may seem simple, but you're in murky water the minute you deviate from the Bible.  

Churches may lean into worldly values if they think it will help bolster attendance. You need your congregation to be honest with you if it's teetering toward progressive Christianity or prosperity gospel.

17. Do You Have Any Comments/Suggestions to Add to This Church Satisfaction Survey?


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