5 Free and Uplifting Easter Videos for Church Services

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Easter services are a special and solemn time for many churches, and Easter videos for church can help to inform, engage and welcome church members to worship. Before, during or after your Easter Sunday service, consider using a video to provide a message that will resonate with your congregation.

If you’re thinking about adding media to your Easter services, why not try a free Easter video for church to see how powerful it can be? Try one of the compelling free videos from Vanco and other providers at your next Easter service. 

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1: An Easter Warm-Up 

Easter services hold a special place in the heart of every church, marking a time of renewal and celebration. A warm-up Easter video for church plays a pivotal role in setting the tone for these services. It serves as an engaging icebreaker that draws the congregation into the Easter spirit, creating an atmosphere of joy and anticipation.  



If you’re looking for an inviting experience, Vanco's Easter Sunday video for church is a heartwarming and vibrant opener for your Easter services. Its upbeat tempo and joyful visuals perfectly capture the essence of Easter, creating a welcoming and celebratory atmosphere for the congregation. 



Speak Life Ministries

Speak Life Ministries is a UK-based ministry that provides media content for churches. They offer thought-provoking content, including videos, podcasts, books and more, focusing on connecting biblical truth with engaging storytelling to help churches engage and encourage their congregations. 

2: “Authored to Die” | Easter Spoken Word 

This Easter video for church from Speak Life, called “Authored to Die,” is a creative, impactful spoken word video conveying an engaging Easter message. 

3: “Divine Comedy” | An Animated Easter Poem  

Divine Comedy” is an animated Easter poem that creatively blends poetry and visuals to present an Easter-themed message. It is a unique artistic approach with a fresh, engaging perspective. A creative poem presented through video draws in the audience in a thought-provoking way, inspiring self-reflection about the meaning of Easter and how it relates to life. 



Igniter Media

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Igniter Media creates ready-made media content for churches. It is a comprehensive media resource offering over 300,000 creative assets from curated creators. Media assets include mini-movies, worship backgrounds, social graphics and more. Most of the content is paid. However, the videos we share here are free with a 30-day free trial. 

4: “He Arose” | Easter Church Video  

He Arose” is a free download available on YouTube. This Easter-themed church video shares the story of Jesus’s resurrection. It is a powerful, visually engaging video that will offer your congregation an opportunity for personal reflection on the deep meaning of Easter. 



ShareFaith is a digital media platform that offers media resources for churches. Subscription plans with ShareFaith provide access to a large library of products and services, including church media, kids ministry resources, a website builder, giving software, streaming tools and more. 

5: “Victory Over Death!” 

With a 15-day free trial, “Victory Over Death!” is a free Easter video for church from ShareFaith Ministries available for download. The video represents the triumph of Jesus over death. It is designed to emphasize the significance of the resurrection and inspire audiences as they engage in Easter service. 


A Compelling Music Video

6: “Forever” | Kari Jobe (Easter Video)

The “Forever” music video featuring the Kari Jobe song of the same name is visually and emotionally impactful as it shares the Easter message. The Easter story is shown while the song “Forever” plays. The powerful lyrics and moving video imagery draw the audience in to reflect on the Easter themes of resurrection, redemption and hope. 


Essential Church Video Tips

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Finding free content, even for churches, is difficult. Creators need to be paid for what they create. Offering everything for free is not sustainable for the creators who dedicate their time, money and resources to producing the amazing content churches need. Legal rules surrounding royalties and streaming rights are another challenge facing churches that want and need to use media content during church services. 

Here are a few tips to consider when searching for and using video content for your church services: 

  • Streaming rights: Always ensure you obtain the proper rights for streaming video content. This is especially important for copyrighted material, including music, videos and third-party content. 
  • Free trials: When your budget is tight, use free trials. Many church media platforms offer limited free trials. You can time the trial to coincide with your church service to avoid an immediate financial commitment. 
  • Technical considerations: Ensure you have the right software and equipment to share the videos you plan to use during your service. 


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