12 Church Giving Apps That Are Worth Your Time


Technology is more vital than ever to churches. From streaming services to keeping your church community connected to one another to online giving, tools like mobile apps and text-to-give matter for churches of all sizes. It’s simply not possible to ignore the need to effectively utilize technology for church members, staff and volunteers.  

Giving is one of the areas most impacted by technology and while some older or more traditional members of your congregation may still prefer in-person giving by putting money into an offering plate or box, an increasing number of churchgoers prefer giving through a church’s mobile giving app or other online options. This in-depth guide is designed to explain the importance of these church tithe apps, how to use them effectively and the significant impact they can have on the success and growth of your church. 


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The Best Apps for Churches in 2024 





Why Mobile Church Giving Apps Are Elemental to a Church’s Success? 

In a world that's more connected than ever, it's no surprise that mobile church apps have become an essential tool for a church's success. In fact, they've quickly moved from being a 'nice-to-have' to a 'must-have.’ But why is that? What makes these apps so elemental? 

The Dynamic and Makeup of Churches Has Changed Significantly

    • Virtual Church – In recent years, the scope of the church has expanded far beyond its physical walls. The emergence of virtual church services has created a growing number of members who don’t always attend in person, making in-church offering by plate difficult. Churches also need tools that seamlessly connect in-person and virtual audiences.  
    • More Infrequent Attendance - People attend Sunday services less regularly than they once did, making it more important for churches to have more advanced and creative tools like mobile church giving apps to engage with their members outside of Sunday services. These church tithe apps work around the clock with tools that connecting with social media, facilitating chats (private and group), organizing groups (virtual and in-person), providing real time updates and offering a secure directory to connect with people outside of church.  
      • Recent research by the Pew Research Center shows that 20 percent of Americans are attending services in person less frequently than they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, a Gallup study in June showed that 26 percent of respondents had attended a church service in the past seven days, compared to 31 percent prior to the pandemic. 


What Can Mobile Giving Platforms Do?

Mobile giving platforms offer donors a simple, convenient method to give at the time and place most convenient for them. If a member of your congregation is sick, on vacation or otherwise can’t attend services on a given Sunday, mobile giving solutions for churches ensure they can still give their tithe or offering. A good church donation app also facilitates connections between donors and a church’s ministries by sharing stories of those helped by programs that donors can support. This blend of convenience, connection and communication highlights the importance of church mobile giving apps as a tool for congregations of all sizes and denominations. 

Makes Giving Easier for the Church and Givers While Boosting Generosity

A good church mobile giving app simplifies the giving process, removing headaches for both donors and church staff and allowing donors to give at time and place – and in a manner – that’s most convenient for them. These benefits include: 

  • Accessible 24/7: Donors can give anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need to wait for a physical collection plate during services. 
  • Immediate Giving: Donations can be made instantly with just a few taps on a smartphone with a church tithe app, reducing barriers to giving. 
  • Flexible Donation Options: Donors can choose to make one-time or recurring donations based on their preferences and financial situation. 
  • Fund Designation: Apps allow donors to allocate their contributions to specific funds or causes within the organization. 
  • Recurring Donations: Set up automatic, recurring contributions, ensuring consistent support for the church or cause. 
  • Streamlined Record-Keeping: Automatically tracks and records donations, reducing administrative overhead. 
  • Access to Giving History: Donors can view their past contributions, which may encourage continued generosity. 
  • Strategic Planning: Insights help organizations make data-driven decisions to optimize fundraising efforts. 
  • Social Media Integration: Allows donors to share the causes they're passionate about on social platforms, inspiring others to give. 
  • Community Building: Apps foster a sense of belonging and engagement within the donor community. 
  • Secure Transactions: Implement advanced security measures to protect donor information and ensure trust. 
  • Transparency: Demonstrates a commitment to financial accountability, which can instill confidence in donors. 
  • Appeal to Tech-Savvy Donors: Attracts younger generations who are more inclined to use mobile apps for financial transactions. 
  • On-the-Go Giving: Aligns with the lifestyles of those who are always connected via smartphones. 
  • Time and Cost Savings: Automates donation processing, reducing the need for manual data entry and paperwork. 
  • Administrative Efficiency: Enables organizations to redirect resources towards their mission and outreach. 

Connecting Members Beyond Sunday Services

  • Small Groups 
    • Small groups are a core element for a growing, thriving congregation. They facilitate deeper, more meaningful connections that simply don’t have a chance to develop during the limited time members spend in church services. 
  • Private Chats 
    • There are some topics members don’t feel comfortable discussing in a larger group. Private chats allow them to express their thoughts in a protected setting, giving them direct access to church staff and leadership. 
  • Online Directory 
    • It’s important that members are able to reach church leaders, elders and ministry leaders when they have questions or feedback. An online directory helps ensure their message gets to the right person so they can communicate clearly. 
  • Real-Time Communication and Updates 


How Much Do Church Giving Apps Cost?

  • Church giving apps themselves are generally free, but as you use the app, you may have the option to purchase additional features and services to expand their capabilities. Additionally, both dedicated church giving apps and more general giving apps used for church donations include transaction fees for each donation, as seen in the examples below. 

 Vanco Pricing Image-1


How Do We Choose the Right Mobile Giving App for Our Church's Needs?

  • The first step is to assess your church’s specific giving needs. Research how your congregation prefers to give, what programs and ministries you want to raise support for and how much support is needed. The right church donation app depends on factors such as church size and budget. For example, a small church with 100 members and a smaller number of ministries typically has different needs for a church giving app than a 2,000-member church with a larger number of programs. 

It’s also important to have an honest conversation about your budget. What can your church reasonably afford to spend on a church tithe app and the necessary features to meet its needs. Connect with church leaders, specifically elders and those who handle your finances, and determine what your budget is for mobile giving solutions for churches. 


  • No matter what app you choose, there are a few must-haves. Security tops that list because keeping donors’ personal and financial information protected is at the top of any donor’s list. Individuals won’t give to a church or organization if they believe that organization doesn’t handle their information securely. 

Church mobile giving apps must be PCI compliant. PCI compliance, which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, is a set of security standards and best practices designed to protect sensitive payment card data, such as credit card and debit card information. These standards were developed by major credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB to ensure the secure handling, storage, and transmission of payment card data by organizations that accept card payments. 

This PCI compliance… 

  • Protects churches from data breaches 
  • Increases donor confidence and trust 
  • Is necessary a requirement for accepting certain credit and debit cards 

Ease of Use

  • Whatever features and benefits a church tithe app offers, if it’s difficult to use, people will be slow to adopt it or won’t use it at all. Because church memberships typically feature a range of ages, educational backgrounds and tech knowledge, choosing a mobile church giving platform that is accessible and user-friendly is a must. 


  • The monthly cost should be low to free. 


  • The ability to set up recurring gifts 
  • The ability to allow donors to offset the processing fees so churches get the full value of their gift 
  • Integrations with 60+ church management systems 



  • Vanco’s mobile app offers customizations that help set it apart from competitors, allowing churches to build on its powerful core features in a way that drives consistent, generous support. It also empowers churches to tell the stories of their ministries and those helped by them, connecting donors directly with the impact their gift has. These customizations and features include; 
    • The ability to brand the app to give the look and feel of the church by adding your church’s name and logo and fine-tuning the colors to match your brand. 
    • The ability to set up and display the different giving opportunities to support your church’s causes. 

Ability to connect to social media

Implementation and support

  • To maximize the potential of the app, it’s important to have a partner in your provider that offers the implementation resources and support needed to make sure your rollout is a success. Dedicated U.S.-based support is critical when looking for assistance to grow your church’s use of the technology.  


Are Mobile Church Giving Apps Compatible with Different Mobile Devices and Operating Systems?

For the mobile app to fulfill the needs for your congregation, it must be accessible from any mobile device. This means the app should be downloaded on Apple or Android phones. Or, if this functionality doesn’t exist, the apps should be available through a web browser link. It’s our finding that most mobile church apps are accessible from any smartphone.  


How Can We Encourage Our Congregation to Use These Apps?

Mobile giving and engagement apps are popular and easy to use. However, acquiring a mobile church app won’t maximize giving and engagement on its own. People must adopt the app for your virtual community to expand and thrive. Here are eight ways you can effectively maximize adoption of your church giving and engagement app. 

1. Clear Communication and Education

Strategy: Start with Transparent Communication 

  • Education Campaigns: Launch an education campaign to inform your congregation about the app's benefits and how to use it. 
  • Sermon Integration: Incorporate the app into sermons or church services, emphasizing its role in supporting the church's mission. 
  • FAQs and Tutorials: Create easily accessible FAQs and video tutorials to guide users through the app's features. Your provider should have these premade. At Vanco, we’ve built the following promotional materials and FAQs for our users.  
  • How to Give with the Vanco Mobile App 


2. Demonstrate Value and Impact

Strategy: Show How the App Enhances Church Life 

  • Highlight Impact: Share success stories and testimonials from members who have benefited from the app. 
  • Transparency: Display how donations are used and the impact they have on the church and community. 
  • Real-time Updates: Use the app to provide real-time updates on church activities and events, emphasizing the convenience of staying informed. 

3. Simplify Onboarding and Usage

Strategy: Make It User-Friendly 

  • Easy Setup: Ensure that the onboarding process is simple and straightforward, with clear instructions. 
  • Support Channels: Offer support through multiple channels (email, chat, or phone) to assist users with any questions or issues. 
  • Feedback Loop: Encourage users to provide feedback and make improvements based on their input. 

4. Promote Engagement and Community

Strategy: Foster a Sense of Belonging 

  • Social Integration: Encourage members to connect with the app and share their activities on social media. 
  • Community Features: Create forums or discussion boards within the app for members to interact and share their thoughts. 
  • Events and Groups: Utilize the app to organize and promote church events and small groups. 

5. Recognize and Reward Participation

Strategy: Acknowledge and Appreciate Users 

  • Recognition: Highlight top donors or active participants in the app to acknowledge their contributions. 
  • Incentives: Consider offering small incentives or rewards for consistent app usage, such as access to exclusive content or virtual badges. 
  • Thanksgiving: Regularly express gratitude to your congregation for their support and engagement through the app. 

6. Regular App Updates and Improvements

Strategy: Maintain Relevance 

  • Continuous Improvement: Keep the church giving app up to date with regular updates and enhancements based on user feedback. 
  • New Features: Announce new features whenever your church giving platform provider makes them available. These new enhancements can keep members engaged. 

7. Peer-to-Peer Influence

Strategy: Encourage Members to Advocate 

  • Ambassador Program: Identify enthusiastic members who can become app ambassadors and promote it within the congregation. 
  • Word of Mouth: Leverage the power of word-of-mouth marketing by encouraging satisfied users to share their positive experiences with others. 
  • Testimonials: Feature testimonials or stories from congregation members who have found value in using the church giving app. 

8. Feedback and Adaptation

Strategy: Stay Agile and Open to Change 

  • Feedback Loops: Continuously seek feedback from users and adapt the app and strategies accordingly. 
  • Flexibility: Be willing to pivot and adjust your approach if certain strategies are not yielding the desired results. 


When choosing a church giving app provider, make sure they offer an established, simple implementation process and support team that helps with adoption and growth. You and your congregation will have questions and need assistance as you acclimate to using a new church giving platform and finding a provider who is responsive and has the skill and experience to get you up and running makes a big difference.  


By following the steps and strategies above, you’ll be equipped to choose the right mobile giving app for your church. While it’s good to connect with other churches and hear what church tithe apps they use and their experiences with those apps, keep in mind that your church’s needs and requirements for a church giving platform are unique to your congregation and its members. Be sure to do your research, ask questions and critically analyze each option you consider. The ultimate goal is choosing an app that will facilitate a simple, secure giving process that enables donors to give generously and for staff to quickly process payments. 



The Best Apps for Churches in 2024


Dedicated Church Apps  

Dedication matters. Having a church tithe app designed specifically for faith organizations is a game-changer, allowing you to utilize features that aren’t general ones you can adapt to the unique needs of a faith-based group. A dedicated church app is engineered for churches, as opposed to a general-use app like PayPal that can be used for church needs, but wasn’t built with them in mind. Think of it as having a customized, personalized work truck for a handyman business, one with compartments for tools, a rugged bed liner for the back, towing power to move heavy loads and more.  How much more beneficial would that truck be for that handyman business than a generic, non-customized vehicle? That’s what a dedicated church app delivers. 

Apps like PayPal or PushPay don’t provide the same storytelling or member engagement tools as a dedicated church app like Vanco. While they provide the ability for donors to give, they don’t integrate storytelling into the process the way Vanco does as a church giving platform with robust event management, communication and engagement tools. With donors increasingly preferring cause-based giving, it’s vital that potential donors know where their gift is being used and the impact it has.  

With our church-centered tools, you’re empowered to keep members engaged with your mission and when members are connected, they’re more likely to be aware of and support your programs and mission. 


Vanco Church App


Vanco has more than 25 years serving thousands of churches across denominations, helping drive generous giving by utilizing storytelling and connecting donors directly to the impact their gift has. With more than 25,000 churches of varying sizes trusting Vanco and the mobile giving solutions for churches it provides, this dedicated church app is a great tool.  

  • Monthly Price: Grow plan - $0 monthly/ Thrive plan: $49/monthly 
  • Transaction Fee: 
    • Grow plan 
    • MS 2.90% + $0.45/transaction  
    • ACH: 1.00% + $0.45/transaction
  • Thrive plan 
    • MS 2.65% + $0.39/transaction  
    • ACH: .90% + $0.39/transaction 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): Integrations with 60+ church management systems 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros:  
    1. Built for churches with storytelling features that help you share the impact gifts have on your ministries and those you serve 
    2. Includes member engagement solutions to connect members to ministries, events and activities at your church 
    3. Integrates with ChMS for easier fund reconciliation and reporting 
    4. 24/7 U.S.-based customer service by phone or email 
  • Cons: 
    1. Less globally recognized brand 
    2. Not easy to fully customize to the church's brand 
    3. Not part of a full church management system 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Storytelling capabilities on giving pages 
    • Live 24/7 customer support 
    • Online giving 
    • Text-to-give 
    • Mobile giving 
    • Unlimited users 
    • Robust event planning 
    • Online giving and mobile kiosks 
    • Recurring giving 
    • Allows users to cover processing fees 


Tithely / Breeze


Tithe.ly provides digital offering platforms and tithe tracking applications for churches and non-profit organizations, allowing donors to give securely and conveniently through a mobile app or website. They also offer other tools such as event registration, church management software, and custom mobile apps. They own the Breeze ChMS. 

  • Monthly Price:  
    • Giving platform: $0 monthly 
  • Solutions range from $0-$99/mo  
  • $149 setup for Church Apps, ChMS, and all-access 
  • Transaction Fee: 
    • MS fees: 2.90% + $0.30/transaction  
    • ACH fees: 1.00% + $0.30/transaction 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): Has own ChMS, does not integrate with other
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android
  • Pros: 
    • Billed as an all-in-one solution 
    • Focus on developing new features and innovation 
  • Cons: 
    • No integration with other ChMS 
    • Users locked into using Tithely’s ChMS 
    • No effective storytelling component 
    • All-in-one components are separate entities creating a disjointed experience 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Robust event planning 
    • Online giving and mobile kiosks 
    • Recurring giving 
    • Allows users to cover processing fees




Pushpay is a New Zealand-based and provides a donor management system, a custom community app, a church management system (ChMS) and video streaming solutions to the faith sector, non-profit organizations and education providers. Roughly 14,000 churches use PusyPay for their giving needs. 

  • Monthly Price: No fee unless you keep text giving after free trial ends, then cost is $19/mo. 
  • Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 with discounts for higher-volume giving 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): Yes 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android  
  • Pros: 
    • Built for larger churches 
    • All-in-one solution 
    • Works well with Church Community Builders 
  • Cons: 
    • No storytelling capabilities 
    • Focused on offering lots of features for larger churches 
    • Expensive long-term contracts 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Custom giving solutions 
    • App engagement 
    • Event management 
    • Database integrations 




Givelify connects people to causes for places of worship and nonprofits. Their solutions include giving, donor/campaign management, donor insights, and integrations to various church management systems. It launched in 2013 and features 60,000 churches using its platform worldwide. The platform helped users raise more than $1 billion in 2022. 

  • Monthly Price: No monthly fees 
  • Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per donation 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): Yes 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • No contracts or monthly fees 
  • Cons: 
    • No storytelling component 
    • More of a conduit to help people find a wide range of organizations to donate to than driving people to your church 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Simple, “three-tap” online giving experience 
    • Integrations with popular church management software platforms 
    • Givelify Analytics to help with understanding your organizational needs and management of donor information 




Subsplash provides easy-to-use digital tools in one place through Subsplash One.  They offer software to create branded applications, websites, mobile, web and text giving, media players, live streaming, church management, groups, messaging and events. 

  • Monthly Price: No monthly fee 
  • Transaction Fee: 
    • Church App, Web and Giving-only Clients: 
      • Cards - 2.99% + $0.30 transaction fee 
      • ACH - 1% (no transaction fee) 
    • Standalone App Clients: 
      • Cards - 2.3% + $0.30 transaction fee 
      • ACH - 1% (no transaction fee) 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros:  
    • Full ChMS 
    • Billed as an all-in-one solution 
  • Cons: 
    • Users are locked into using one ChMS 
    • Uses a third-party payment processor, slowing resolution when problems occur 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Robust event planning 
    • Full ChMS 




Online Giving is a platform that provides tools for churches with easy digital giving, engaging text marketing, a chatbot and mobile apps focused on integration. Its tools are specifically aimed at evangelical Christian churches. 

  • Monthly Price: 
    • Starter - $35/mo. 
    • Medium - $70/mo. 
    • Large - $140/mo. 
    • Unlimited - $280/mo. 
  • Transaction Fee: Not specified on website 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): Yes 
  • Availability: Mobile app available with custom plan 
  • Pros: 
    • Many ChMS integrations 
    • Customizable plans 
  • Cons: 
    • Tiered pricing gates many key features behind higher pay levels 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Form builder 
    • Text marketing 
    • Chatbot 
    • Metrics 




eGiving.com provides churches and nonprofits the ability to accept online giving. Churches can also take payments for church camp, conferences, building programs and other preconfigured accounts. Churches can set up a way for members to help victims of a natural disaster. 

  • Monthly Price: 
    • Option 1 - $19/month  
    • Option 2 - $49/month 
  • Transaction Fee: 
    • Option 1 - Credit/Debit 3% + $0.42 per transaction ACH 1.00% + $0.42 per transaction $10 Monthly Minimum 
    • Option 2 - Credit/Debit 2.6% + $0.42 per transaction ACH 1.00% + $0.42 per transaction $10 Monthly Minimum 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • Ability to create custom event registration forms 
    • Customizable interface with ability to add your logo and colors 
  • Cons: 
    • Many reports are not free 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Text-to-give 
    • Mobile giving 
    • Unlimited users 
    • Recurring giving 

General Giving Apps Used by Churches 

These apps are used for financial transactions, but in essence, they boil down to sending money from one account to another. They don’t connect with church management systems easily to simplify reporting and giving and they don’t offer the key engagement and giving features that dedicated church apps provide. 


GiveWP (Wordpress) 

GiveWP is WordPress’ donation plugin for web browsers. It cannot run without WordPress, limiting those who can use it to WordPress users. Founded in 2015, its basic plans offer limited functionality, with some important features only available in higher paid tiers 

  • Monthly Price: $149 to $599/year 
  • Transaction Fee: 2.9% + 30c 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No 
  • Availability: Can only be used as part of WordPress 
  • Pros: 
    • Customizable donation forms 
    • Allows for flexible recurring donations 
    • Includes Stripe Payment Element, including Google Pay and Apple Pay payment options, PayPal Donations, Venmo Donations and Authorize.net 
  • Cons: 
    • Can only be used in tandem with WordPress 
    • Not specifically designed for churches 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Enhance donations forms by adding custom styles. 
    • Customize forms to your organization's branding with primary and secondary colors. 
    • Choose from pre-made templates like classic, developer, or multi-step forms. 




Venmo is an American mobile payment service founded in 2009 and owned by PayPal since 2013. Venmo is marketed to friends and family who want to split bills or expenses, allowing them to send money to one another from their respective bank accounts. The company has around 90 million accounts overall and approximately 60 million that are active on a monthly basis. 

  • Monthly Price: No monthly fee 
  • Transaction Fee: No fee to send money from one bank account to another 
    • 3% fee charged if a credit card is used 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No, does not integrate 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • Free 
    • Easy to use 
  • Cons: 
    • No integration with ChMS 
    • No storytelling element 
    • There will be a fee if you transfer money to your bank account with an Instant Transfer. If you choose an Instant Transfer, Venmo charges one percent (with a minimum fee of 25 cents and a maximum of $10). 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Free to send money from one bank account to another 
    • Add a personal note when sending a payment




Cash App is a mobile payment service available in the United States and the United Kingdom that allows users to transfer money to one another using a mobile phone app. In September 2021, the company reported approximately 70 million annual transacting users and $1.8 billion in gross profit. CashApp promotes itself as a financial services platform as opposed to a bank. 

  • Monthly Price: No monthly fee 
  • Transaction Fee: None 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • Free to send or receive money, stocks or Bitcoin 
  • Cons: 
    • No storytelling component 
    • Charges 3% processing fee when using linked credit card as a payment method 
    • Charges 1.5% fee for instant cash-outs 
    • Not FDIC-insured 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Exclusive discounts with Cash App Pay and Cash Card 
    • Assistance with income tax filing 



PayPal is an American multinational financial technology company operating an online payments system in many countries that support online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal has roughly 431 million users worldwide. The PayPal platform includes PayPal for Nonprofits, a fundraising platform offered by PayPal with low fees for 501c3 charities. 

  • Monthly Price: No monthly fee 
  • Transaction Fee: No fee to send money from one bank account to another. Per donation fee for charities  
    • 1.99% MS + $0.49 per donation.   
    • ACH: also 1.99% and $0.49 per donation 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No, does not integrate
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • Globally recognized brand and easy setup 
    • Low fees 
    • Ease of use for members / churches don’t want to make a switch
  • Cons: 
    • Lack of member management solutions 
    • No member engagement tools 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Direct deposit 
    • Ability to deposit checks 




Zelle is a U.S.–based digital payments network run by a private financial services company owned by the banks Bank of America, Truist, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. It’s built into many banking apps and allows users to send money directly from one bank account to another. The company has 118 million customers enrolled with Zelle and 69 million monthly unique users. 

  • Monthly Price: No fees to send or receive money 
  • Transaction Fee: No fees to send or receive money 
  • Compatibility with Church Management Systems (ChMS): No, does not integrate 
  • Availability: Available for Apple and Android 
  • Pros: 
    • Free 
    • Easy to use 
  • Cons: 
    • No integration with ChMS 
    • No storytelling element 
  • Notable Features: 
    • Allows users to easily send and receive money from their computer or mobile device 
    • Free and integrated with many banking platforms 


Final Thoughts: The Two Most Important Characteristics to Look for in a Mobile Church App

  • Dedicated church giving apps are a must for any budget. They offer features and tools designed to meet specific needs unique to churches in the way that more general apps simply can’t. 
  • Mobile church giving apps are easy-to-use tools and popular, but the degree of success they have in boosting engagement and giving is dependent upon their implementation. It’s important to choose a provider that will partner with you in the rollout of their church giving platform, one that’s truly invested in your success. It’s our experience that not all providers are particularly invested in the individual churches that choose to use their services. It can be hard to connect with someone when needed.  



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