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For new or existing residents of any community, it can be encouraging and interesting to receive an invitation to a church in the area. At the same time, churches that send these invitations can expand their congregations and add new perspectives to their communities. But what is the best way to extend an invitation to potential new church members? An effective church invitation letter. 

This guide explains how to write a church invitation letter that is warm, personal and welcoming. But rather than writing a new church event letter from scratch for each church service or event, you can follow a few simple steps to create a variety of invitation letters for your church using our free templates. 

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How to Write a Church Invitation 

Churches across the country are having a hard time growing their congregations. That’s why it’s important to create invitations to church services and events. To help you craft the perfect invitation to church, we outlined the steps to take below. 

  1. Start Your Church Invitation by Addressing the Person by Name 

    Address your potential guest by name. If you're inviting a group, generic salutations such as "Dear Friends" or "Hello Everyone" may be more appropriate. Make sure to explain why you are inviting them. 

    Don't just say, "Come to church!" Instead, explain that there is an excellent opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth through the services your church provides. 

  2. Write a Sentence or Two About Why You Are Inviting Them to Church 

    Your church invitation could read something like this:  

    "We'd love for you to experience the connection and belonging that comes with joining us at church. Many of our members have found spiritual renewal, peace and hope in our community and we’re certain you will  benefit from attending as well! Plus, it's always an uplifting experience to be surrounded by people sharing the same intentions and beliefs. We can't wait to see you there!" 

  3. Include the Day, Time and Location of the Service 

    Here is a good example of the details you should include in your invitation to a church service: 

    "The service will take place on Sunday, July 5th at 10 am at Trinity Church. All attendees should plan to arrive between 9:30 and 9:45 to get settled before the service starts. Refreshments will be provided after the service concludes. 

    We ask everyone to come as you are; please don't feel you have to dress up. We look forward to seeing you there!" 

  4. Thank Them for Their Time and Say You Hope To See Them Soon 

    When writing an invitation, let your potential church guests know you can't wait to see them. It adds warmth and expectation to your invitation. You might want to close your invitation with something like this: 

    "Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope you can join us at church on Sunday. It would mean a lot to me if you came, and I think you would enjoy the service. 

    If you have any questions or need directions, please don't hesitate to call me. Thanks again, and I hope to see you soon." 

  5. Sign Your Name at the Bottom of the Invitation 

    Finishing a letter or invitation to a church service is a challenging task. Still, one of the most important steps is writing your signature. Signing your name at the bottom of any church invitation can bring closure, seal agreements and add a personal touch to every message you send. 

    Your signature is like leaving your stamp on a work of art; it's the culmination of any thought or idea and a personal confirmation that you stand behind everything you wrote. So go ahead and make those few lines represent what matters to you most and give the reader (and yourself) the peace of mind that comes with adding your name in ink to the page. 

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Why Are Church Invitation Letters Important? 

47% of people in America attend church on a regular basis, so your church is a valuable part of the local community. 

Welcoming people into your congregation helps to build this sense of community. New members can bring enriching experiences and support to your church. This ensures that your church thrives all year-round. 

However, you also need to keep your congregation up-to-date with news about services and events in your church's calendar. This allows people to connect with your church as much as possible and ensures that you get a great turnout at each service. On top of this, it gives your congregation an opportunity to volunteer their time or make donations throughout the year. 

Sending an invitation to church is a great way to do this. These letters feel more personal than newsletters or social media post updates

So what should you include in your invitation and welcome letters? Let's take a closer look. 


What's the purpose of a church invitation letter? 

A church invitation letter is designed to inspire someone to attend a service or event at your church. It’s often the first point of contact a person has with your church and it needs to connect with them in an authentic way that accurately represents who your church is and what it’s about.  

A church invitation letter should also clearly communicate the key details of the event you want the recipient to attend. They should know what the event is, when it will take place, the location and other important details such as parking and whether or not they need a ticket. Ultimately, you want people to know what your event is, be motivated to attend and know what to expect when they arrive. 


How can you make the tone of the letter warm and inviting? 

A church invitation letter should have a friendly, welcoming tone. Stepping into a new place, especially a church, for the first time can be intimidating. Your simple invitation sets the tone for an invitee’s event experience and in writing your message, it’s essential to put yourself in their shoes. 

Include personal notes and touches in your church invitation letter, even if you use a sample church invite letter or church invitation text message sample to get started. Try to write in your church’s voice and convey the same warmth you’d show a person if you were greeting them as they walk in the doors of your church for the first time. Also, try to understand that those you invite may not have a church background, so using a lot of churchy terms they may not be familiar with could be off-putting.  

Make sure to be as conversational as possible and attempt to make the reader feel as at-ease as possible. 


Should the church invitation letter include any specific religious language? 

The short answer is yes. It’s not mandatory to use overly religious language, but in a limited quantity, it can be beneficial to include some spiritual sentiments that align with the beliefs of your church. This gives the reader a low-key introduction to your church’s values while also avoiding potentially overwhelming them with religious terminology if they don’t have a significant church background. 


Are there any tips for personalizing the church invitation letter for different recipients? 

Personalization is key when inviting individuals to your church, whether you’re starting with free sample church letters or writing your own from scratch. Your approach to personalizing a message should vary based on the recipient. For example, if you’re sending a church invitation letter to a fellow member, consider starting the letter with "Dear fellow parishioner…”  

For those outside your church, an introduction as simple as, “Hi, [RECIPIENT NAME] can work well. But regardless of the recipient, be sure to customize the letter to the reader so they feel valued, welcomed and that they’re not simply one of hundreds of recipients of a copy of generic letter you put minimal time and thought into.  

Include essential details like date, time and location, but also add specific instructions or requirements relevant to the recipient so they have the information they need to attend or contact your church if they have more specific questions about the event. 


What's the recommended timeline for sending out church invitation letters? 

When sending out an invitation to an upcoming church service, special church program or other special events at your church, timing matters. Send the invitation letter too far ahead of the event and recipients likely won’t remember because the event will seem distant and they’ll set the letter aside, only to forget it. 

Conversely, send that same church invitation letter too close to the event and people may already have plans they can’t change, preventing them from attending. Aim for 3-4 weeks prior to an event when sending out an invitation letter – maybe more if it’s a major event that requires tickets or an RSVP. This should  


Are there any common mistakes to avoid when writing a sample church invitation letter? 

One common mistake is failing to provide all the necessary details, such as date, time, location and specific instructions or requirements. These are essential elements no matter the event or audience. People can’t attend an event if they don’t know when or where it takes place, or how to get in once they arrive.  

Often, if this information is missing, people won’t make the effort to seek it out and will simply throw the invitation in the trash. 

Another mistake is using overly formal or complex language that makes the message tough to read or understand. Don’t assume that recipients are all advanced, highly educated readers who will follow along with lengthy, complicated words. 

Not proofreading a letter is another common, easy-to-fix mistake. No matter how good of a writer you are or if you have a reliable source for free sample church letters you draw from, we all miss mistakes such as misspellings or grammar errors when writing. Try to have at least one other person proof your church invitation letter before sending it out, and if you can get a second proofreader to take a look, even better.  

Remember, the invitation letter represents your church and if it’s sloppy or filled with spelling and grammar errors, readers could get a negative impression before they even consider setting foot in your church. 




Free Church Invitation Letter Samples 

Of course, writing a new letter each time you hold an event or want to reach out to your local community can take time. Coming up with original and interesting invitation letter ideas can also be challenging. Fortunately, we're here to help. 

Here is a selection of free church invitation letter samples for you to use whenever you need one! 


Invitation to Church From the Office 

If people recently moved to your local community, they may be looking for a church to join. 

In that case, your church office can send them a welcome letter as an invitation to church. This gives them an opportunity to join a service and meet the local pastor. 

Dear [New Resident’s Name], 

On behalf of [Church’s Name], I would like to offer a heartfelt welcome to the local community and hope that your move has gone well. I hope you have been welcomed with love, kindness and faith. 

If you are looking for a place to celebrate your faith, our congregation would be delighted to come together to bless your arrival. We hold regular services on: 

  • [Times and dates of regular services at your church] 
  • [Times and dates of regular church activities, such as Bible study class

If you would like to attend, please feel free to contact the office. We will gladly organize a meeting with our pastor, [Pastor’s Name], and fellow members of our community. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need support in any way, please feel free to reach out. Our office number is [phone number]. 

May your love of the Lord guide you and protect you. 

With best wishes, 

[Handwritten Signature] 

[Name and Role in the Church Office] 

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Invitation Letters From the Pastor 

A church invitation from the pastor can add a personal touch if you are inviting new or existing members to a service. In that case, use this handy template. 

Dear [New or Existing Member’s Name], 

As the pastor of [Church’s Name], it has been my honor to serve the local community for [number] years. Seeing our congregation grow and overcome challenges through the years has been a unique pleasure. 

I would like to invite you to celebrate our love and faith with me at a special service on [date] at [time]. Our service will feature readings from long-standing church members. I hope it will be the perfect opportunity to gather and pray for the future together. 

As ever, our regular church activities will also continue in the coming months. These include: 

  • [Name of the church activity and date] 
  • [Name of the church activity and date] 
  • [Name of the church activity and date] 

If you would like to be more involved in the church community or want to offer your support, you will be most welcome. In that case, please contact the church office at [phone number]. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you. (Numbers 6:24-26) 

With best wishes, 

[Handwritten Signature] 

[Name and Position in the Church] 

Invitation for an Upcoming Church Event or Service 

If you have a specific event coming up in the church diary, it is a good idea to reach out to your members with an invitation to a church service. This will ensure that you have a great turnout and plenty of support in the lead-up to the service. 


Dear [Church Member’s Name], 

We hope the grace of God is keeping you and your loved ones well during this time. As the [Seasonal Holiday or Event] approaches, we would like to invite all our members to come together for a special service. 

Our [Name, e.g., Christingle] service will take place on [date] at [time] and will be led by [Pastor’s Name]. This will be an opportunity to pray, celebrate and reflect. 

We hope you will join us. In the meantime, if you would like to offer your support in organizing our service or seasonal collections, please contact the church office. Any support is greatly appreciated. 

May the Lord be with you all. (Thessalonians 3:16) 


[Handwritten Signature] 

[Your Name and Position in the Church] 


Invitation for Members to Join a Fundraising Event 

Fundraising events are essential for churches across America. They can help to raise funds for your church or support local causes. 

Events might include bake sales or collections after one of your services. No matter how you choose to fundraise, be sure to invite as many people as possible to your event! 


Dear [Church Member’s Name], 

As you know, at [Church Name] we strive to be a place of support and comfort to the local community. We hope to do this by providing spiritual guidance and reflection. However, we also understand the importance of practical support. 

In light of [recent events/Seasonal Holiday], we will be raising funds to support [cause]. We will be doing this by hosting a [event or collection] on [date] at [time]. 

Any donations will be extremely helpful and go toward this worthwhile cause. 

Any support in organizing the event (and/or contributing gifts) also would be welcome. Please contact the church office for more information at [phone number]. If you are unable to attend but would still like to show your support, the office will also be accepting donations up until [date]. 

With best wishes, 

[Handwritten Signature] 

[Name and Position in the Church] 


Welcome Letter to New Members of Your Community 

Welcoming new members into your congregation is an incredibly special time. So why not set aside time for them to meet the rest of your community? This is a great way to make people feel at home in your church. 


Dear [Existing Church Member’s Name], 

We are delighted to welcome new members, [Names], into our community at [Church Name]. Seeing our community grow is a true blessing. We would like to give you the opportunity to meet our newest members and welcome them yourselves with open arms. 

[New Members’ Names] will be joining us for their first service on [date] at [time]. After this service, we invite you all to stay to enjoy food and drinks and a proper introduction. We hope to see you there! 

May the Lord grace you with his love. 

Best wishes, 

[Handwritten Signature] 

[Name and Position in the Church] 


Invitation to Other Churches and Community Groups 

Inviting local groups and members of other churches to your services helps to strengthen your ties with the local community. To do this, it’s a great idea to send an invitation to church for special services. 


Dear [Church or Community Group’s Name], 

At [Church’s Name] we greatly admire the work you have done in the local community over the years. Your passion for supporting and enriching the lives of people in [town/city] is one that we share. 

We would be delighted if you and your members would join us for a special service on [date] at [time]. We hope this will be a wonderful occasion to come together and reflectr. We will serve food and drinks after the service to give individuals a chance to really connect. 

If you would like to attend or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the church office at [phone number]. We hope to see you soon. 

May the Lord bless you and protect you. 


[Handwritten Signature] 

[Name and Position in the Church] 


Now that you know how to write a church invitation with several free church invitation letter samples, you can begin to plan outreach to new members, plus services and events to bring new life to your church. 

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