Celebrate with Free Mother's Day Videos for Church

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Every new and established church needs the right media to engage its members. And timing is everything.

For example, Christmas and Easter both speak to the value of seasonal church marketing. Why not extend your holiday marketing efforts to Mother's Day? 

Like other seasonal media, you can find great free Mother's Day videos for church. Even better, marketing teams can integrate these videos into social media, email, landing pages and more. 

Here's a closer look at your options. 

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Free Mother’s Day Church Intro Video 

Celebrate the unwavering love and support of mothers with Vanco’s special Mother's Day video. This happy and upbeat tribute is a heartfelt thanks to the mothers in your congregation. Perfect as a prelude to services or sermons, it sets a joyous and appreciative tone for the day. This video can be streamed from YouTube freely during your church services. 



How to Find Free Mother's Day Videos for Church 

Your first step is to do a quick Google search for free Mother's Day videos. You'll find a variety of websites that offer free videos. Including the term "public domain" in your search will yield even more options. 

Your videos should come with a "public domain" or "Creative Commons" license. These licenses allow you to use these videos for marketing purposes free of charge. Some Creative Commons media may require that you credit its original creator. 

For example, Pixabay has a large selection of free public-domain videos for Mother's Day. You can add text to these videos or edit them together to create longer Mother's Day church media. Videos like these are ideal for membership acquisition. 


Free Mother's Day Video Templates 

Mothers Day image of two parents and their child

Another option is to customize video templates for Mother's Day. 

Adobe has a free service you can use to make animated graphics for Mother's Day campaigns. Use these graphics to promote church luncheons, picnics, Mother's Day gifts and more church offerings. 

Canva has some of the best Mother's Day video templates for marketing. This platform lets you choose and edit templates from a wide selection of animated graphics. You can also embed free music. 

Click each template to view it in action. These videos are created with animated slides. Each template comes with a custom theme, allowing you to adjust font styles, photos and slide transitions as you please. 


Using Free Video Editing Software 

Once you've chosen your free videos, you can edit them using a free video editing platform. 

YouTube has a user-friendly video editing suite. You can use it to cut, splice and add music to your videos. Once uploaded, embed your Mother's Day videos in digital marketing campaigns. It's also a great opportunity to grow your church's YouTube channel. 

YouTube marketing ideas include: 

  • Behind-the-scenes church footage 
  • Get to know your church leaders 
  • Church history 
  • Documenting church events 
  • Short films 
  • Arts and crafts activities 

Embed your church's YouTube links everywhere, from email greetings to Facebook pages. 

Facebook is also ideal for Mother's Day video marketing. This platform is the top social media site for local marketing, so it's ideal for posting church members' testimonials, trailers for church events and Sunday service snippets. 


Celebrate Mother's Day With Creative Marketing 

Mothers Day image of a mom with her child

Don't miss an opportunity to promote your church this Mother's Day. For example: 

  • Create a checklist with the ideas we’ve listed above and make sure to download free Mother's Day videos for church marketing.  
  • Think more about the value of expanding your seasonal video marketing with social media and video editing software. 
  • Pair your holiday marketing videos with church giving software for best results. 

Contact us today or request a product demo to learn more! 


Elevate Your Church's Impact This Mother's Day and Beyond  

As you gear up for Mother's Day, remember it's more than just a date on the calendar; it's a chance to truly connect with your congregation and community. You've got the ideas, the resources and the passion. Now, it's time to bring it all together and elevate your church's impact, not just for Mother's Day, but for every day after. 

Here's the thing: while free resources are a great starting point, the real magic happens when you tap into expert insights and premium content. That's where Vanco's YouTube page comes into play. Think of it as your secret weapon in church media and marketing. Loaded with an extensive collection of intros, timers and holiday videos, it's your one-stop-shop for all things church media. 

But wait, there's more! Our in-house experts at Vanco have spent decades refining the art and science of church growth. They've turned their hard-earned wisdom into actionable guides and tips, just waiting for you to explore. 


So, what's your next step? Dive into Vanco's treasure trove of resources. Whether you're looking to spice up your Mother's Day campaign or planning ahead for the entire year, Vanco has you covered. 

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