Success Stories: Online Donation Collection

Educators are facing an unprecedented situation. We know plans, meals and logistics are in a state of flux. Vanco is here to help. Your RevTrak Web Store that families already know can be used to keep in touch and collect donations as students shift to distance learning.  

As schools have closed across the country, many districts have started planning for how they can continue to feed students who rely on the National School Lunch Program. Our communities recognize that we must step up to provide meals to children in need with school fundraising and online donations.  

We have been inspired by the number of districts and schools that have gotten in touch with us to request adding a tile for donations collection to their online school store. This way, donors can make an online donation through our Web Store. Think of it as a donation box, except that it is online where donors can provide to those who are in need.

These schools have been successful in the collection of donations, too!

  • One district in Illinois has received online donations amounting to $2,590 from 46 donors in the last week. This provides take-home food for students each week.  
  • A district in Pennsylvania has received online donations amounting to $1,720 from 25 donors in the last week. This ensures students have meals three days a week throughout the coming summer.  
  • And a Michigan district has received online donations amounting to nearly $1,000 from eight donors. This provides nutritious meals for children on the weekends.  

Clearly, things are changing rapidly for school districts as the COVID-19 spread continues. And students are vulnerable amid this uncertainty.  

Your school’s families want to support you, so you can provide meals for the students who need them.  

RevTrak can help districts by adding a tile for donation collection to your school store.  

If your school would like to add a tile for donations to your Web Store, please let us know, and we’ll add it quickly. Or, you can call us at 888.847.9885 to get started. 

RevTrak is here for districts and schools. If we can help in any way, please get in touch.  And, if you're looking for messages to ask for gifts, we've created fundraising letter & message templates to help you get started.


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