17 Free Donation Letter Templates for Schools


One important job for many school staff members is writing donation letters for schools. Schools today have varying levels of resources, but the needs of students and teachers continue to grow. The equipment schools need to provide the best educational opportunities gets more complex every year, but at the same time, some schools struggle to provide basic supplies to students and teachers. Almost every school will need help from donors at some point.

This guide shows you how to write a donation request letter for a school. While there is a basic approach and structure to these letters, we also offer a variety of donation letter templates for schools that you can use for a wide range of situations, from general donations of support for fundraisers, school events and collections for school supplies and food. 

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How to Write a Donation Request Letter for a School

Free Donation Letter Templates for Schools 

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How to Write a Donation Request Letter for a School

There are many different projects and causes that might be good reasons to send donation letters for schools. But how do you get started?

This section explains how to write a school donation request letter, with a few helpful tips on what to include in your letter and how to set it up, the information and language to use and who to send your letters to and how. Keep reading for a quick guide to writing effective and engaging school donation request letters. 



What to Include in a Donation Letter for School: The Basics  

Each year in the U.S., charitable giving to schools and universities totals more than $49 billion! So, if you are looking for support for a project, sending fundraising letters could make a huge difference. 

That said, it is important to word your letter carefully to grab the reader's attention. 

When putting together a donation letter template for schools, there are plenty of things you need to include. Your donation letter for school should always feature: 

  • Your name and position at the school
  • The name of the person you are writing to
  • The date
  • Details of how to make school donations
  • Your contact information
  • Information about upcoming fundraising events
  • How much money you are looking to raise
  • How the money will be used 

While there is a lot of information to include, try to keep your letter to one page maximum. This will help to keep the attention of your reader, so they are more likely to donate. 


How to Structure Your Donation Letter 

Structuring your letter properly will help you keep it concise and ensure that you don't miss any vital information. A good structure for your donation letter template for school is: 

  1. Greeting
  2. Your mission for the school
  3. The current project you are working on
  4. Your fundraising goals and information on how you are approaching fundraising
  5. Your donation request and ways to donate
  6. A thank you and a closing 

This will make it easy for your readers to find exactly what they need to know in your letter. 


Make Your Letter Friendly and Personal 

The more personal your letter is, the more engaging it will be. Make sure you identify yourself right away and describe your personal passion for the fundraising project. 

Addressing your reader by name can also help to grab their attention. In fact, studies show that people are 26% more likely to open and read mail that is addressed to them specifically. 

Setting up software to add people's names to your donation letter template for school can take a little while; however, it will pay off in the long run. 



Tell a Story and Include the Reader  

For people to donate to your fundraiser, they need to feel connected to your cause. Because of this, your donation letter for school should tell a story. 

This might include details about your school's outreach and impact over the years or the journeys that its alumni are on. If you are writing to someone who has donated or supported the school previously, mention this in your letter. 

Thanking them and talking about your shared passion for bettering the lives of students includes readers in the narrative. The closer they feel to your school fundraising project, the more likely they will be to support it. 


Get Specific 

When it comes to financial donations, people want to know exactly where their money is going. Be specific in your letter to show people you have really thought ahead. 

Include details of your goals and how much they will cost. This shows potential donors that you've done the math for your project. 

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Talking about the difference that a single donation can make really encourages people to reach into their pockets. For example, you could create a list of donation amounts and what they can achieve, like this: 

  • $20 will pay for x 
  • $50 will pay for x 
  • $100 will pay for x 

It can also help to include details of how you will use any excess donations if you surpass your fundraising goals. This will make people feel like their money is in good hands. 


Invite Them to Upcoming Events 

If you are hosting any fundraising events, be sure to invite people to them. 

This increases support for your events and helps you raise more money. It also makes potential donors feel more involved in your fundraising activity and gives them a chance to offer practical and financial support. 

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Finish With a Clear Call to Action and Your Name 

Finish your donation letter for school with a call to action and clear details on how to donate. 

It is a good idea to offer donors a few different ways to donate (e.g., via your online school store, bank transfer or check). This makes your fundraising accessible to everyone. 

Sign off by thanking the reader for taking the time to read your fundraising letter and considering your cause. Let them know who to contact if they have any questions or want to support the school another way. 

This will make it easy for people to reach out and improves transparency in the donation process. 

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Who Should You Send School Donation Letters To? 

Before you send school donation request letters, it is a good idea to build up a database of people to contact. Ideally, these should be people who are already familiar with your school. 

For example, previous donors should always be on the list. If you are contacting someone who has donated in the past, make sure to thank them for their past support. 

Alumni are also great people to reach out to for donations, as they will have a personal connection to your school. 


What Is the Best Way to Send Donation Request Letters? 

You can send school donation request letters by email or by direct mail. There are pros and cons to each of these. That said, there's nothing to stop you from covering your bases and making the most of both methods. 

Direct mail is more expensive, but it's also more personal. This can appeal more to some potential donors and show that you've invested time in your fundraising campaign. It also ensures that your request doesn't get lost in someone's junk email box. 

In comparison, sending emails is quick, easy and free. You can reach a lot of people in a single click, no matter where they are around the world. 

No matter how you send a donation letter for school, be sure to keep a record of any responses you get. For example, you should note people who donate and anyone who asks you to remove them from the database. This will help you keep track of who to send thank you letters to. 


17 Free Donation Letter Templates for Schools  

Is your school struggling to raise funds for educational supplies and programs? Many schools rely on donations from individuals and businesses for help in a country where state and local funding amounts to just 3.76% of the funding needed to operate efficiently. 

School donations are a great way to offset those costs. However, writing a school donation request letter can be tricky. 

Crafting the perfect narrative to persuade potential donors of your cause is key in persuading them to contribute their hard-earned money. That’s why we've put together this amazing resource of 17 free templates for all kinds of donation letters for schools to help make it easier.

With our easy-to-use templates, your school can create an engaging school donation request letter with just a few clicks that excite potential donors about your mission and get them ready to open up their pocketbooks. 


General Donation Request Letters

Writing a donation request letter is quite simple if your fundraiser or event isn't for a specific project. In this case, you can keep your letter vague and follow the tips above. Here are three options for donation letter templates for school you can use for general purposes. 

1. Invest in the Community 


Are you looking for a way to give back to the community and invest in the next generation? If so, we have the perfect opportunity for you! 

Our school is looking for donations of all kinds: monetary, goods and services. Every donation helps us reach our goal of providing fun and educational experiences to our students. All donations are appreciated and all donors will be recognized on our website and social media accounts. 

We appreciate your time and consideration, as together, we can make a difference in the lives of many students. Click here [PAYMENT URL] to make a secure donation online. Or, you can drop donations off with [STAFF MEMBER NAME] in our front office on school days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Thank you in advance for your support. The [SCHOOL NAME] community commends you. 

2. Generosity 


We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing because [SCHOOL NAME] needs your help and generosity. We need donations to support our students. Your donation would go toward purchasing items for our classrooms, library resources, sports equipment, supplies for after-school programs and more. 

Your donation will help us create a learning environment where our students can thrive and reach their full potential. We understand the commitment this donation requires. However, every donation is an investment in the future of students and education at our school. 

Your donation is greatly appreciated and, don't forget, tax deductible. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this donation request! You can easily make online donations at this link [URL] or drop off cash donations with the PTA president, [NAME], who will collect donations in the library every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from [TIME] to [TIME]. 

Thank you for being part of our team here at [SCHOOL NAME].

3. General Corporate Request 


[SCHOOL NAME] is reaching out for your help! 

We are in the process of organizing our upcoming fundraiser and we need your support. Your donations would be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping our school achieve our goal of [EXPLAIN GOAL]. With the money generously provided by you and other members of our community, we will be able to achieve the following: 


Any amount that you can donate will make an impact, no matter how large or small. Donations such as money, products and services are all useful to our cause. With your help, our students can look forward to having more resources while pursuing their dreams. 

To make an online payment, please visit this link [URL]. All businesses that donate online will receive a spot on the Partners & Sponsors page of our website. We have [NUMBER] parents and staff members who frequently visit this page, ensuring your business will appear in front of many members of our local community. 

If you would prefer to donate services or products, please reach out to [NAME] at [EMAIL ADDRESS]. 

Again, thank you for your presence in our community and for considering making a donation to [SCHOOL NAME]. All of our young [MASCOT]s appreciate you! 


Donation Request Letters for School Supplies 

29% of parents are unable to afford school supplies for their children. This is an unfortunate reality of the world we live in and we don't believe that teachers should have to cover those costs. However, having access to good school supplies is integral for students' success. 

More importantly, having school supplies they enjoy using is paramount in ensuring students can be creative and focus comfortably while learning. If you're unsure how to ask for these supplies, here are three examples of great donation letters for school supplies.

4. Student Success 

Dear [NAME], 

Education is the foundation of many opportunities, and our school recognizes this by providing quality education to disadvantaged children. But we need school supplies to help our students succeed. 

We are writing this donation request letter to find individuals and organizations who are willing to provide supplies for our school. Any school supplies you can provide, such as markers, erasers, pencils or crayons, would be greatly appreciated! 

Our school's mission is to ensure that all our students have the tools they need to succeed, and your donation will make a positive difference in their lives for years to come. Thank you in advance for considering our request. Please get in touch with your child's teacher if you have questions about what kind of school supplies we're currently accepting. 

If you would prefer to make a cash donation so our PTA can purchase the supplies we need, please visit the [SCHOOL NAME] online payment portal and click the DONATE button. We will accept online donations until [END DATE] so our PTA team can purchase the supplies and distribute them to students in need.

5. School Supplies by Grade 

Dear [NAME], 

Greetings! We hope your child is enjoying the school year. As you know, our school is committed to helping students succeed, and we need your help to provide the necessary tools for their success. That's why we're reaching out to ask for donations of school supplies. 

To help organize this fundraiser, we are segmenting donations by grade. For example, if your child is in third grade, please find the corresponding school supply request below. You can give your donations to your child's homeroom teacher until [DATE]. 

  • Kindergarten: [SCHOOL SUPPLY]
  • First Grade: [SCHOOL SUPPLY]
  • Second Grade: [SCHOOL SUPPLY]
  • Third Grade: [SCHOOL SUPPLY]
  • Fourth Grade: [SCHOOL SUPPLY]
  • Fifth Grade: [SCHOOL SUPPLY] 

Your donation can brighten the classroom experience for our students. Your generosity will make a huge difference in the lives of our students, and we really appreciate your assistance. If you have other school supplies you'd like to donate, we are accepting miscellaneous donations in the library every day from [TIME] to [TIME]. 

Thank you for considering this request. Please get in touch with your child's homeroom teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

6. School Supply Contest 

Dear [SCHOOL NAME] parents, 

It's school supply season and our student body needs your help. We are currently looking for donations of school supplies such as pencils, paper, erasers, notebooks, folders or anything else that can help support our students in their studies. We are turning this into a contest to make things interesting and encourage student and parent participation. 

Here's how it works: 

  • Each school supply has a point value (listed below). 
  • The class with the most points by [DATE] will win a movie party with pizza and games. 
  • Parents are invited to attend this party with their children! 

The value of each school supply is as follows: 

  • Pens and pencils (1 point each) 
  • Markers (2 points each) 
  • Folders (1 point each) 
  • Notebooks and binders (3 points each)
  • Scissors (4 points each) 

Your small contributions will profoundly affect our students’ lives, so please don't hesitate to lend a helping hand. Any donation is appreciated, and no amount is too small. Thank you for your generous donations and caring heart. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out to [EMAIL ADDRESS] or your child's homeroom teacher with questions about school supplies needed or the rules of our contest. Together, we can build a stronger [SCHOOL NAME] community. 


Donation Request Letters for School Fundraisers  

Whether online or in person, hosting a school fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money for everything from new computers to after-school programs. These events are typically easier to raise money for as they have a set theme and purpose. Still, if you're unsure what kind of donation request letter for school fundraiser to write, here are three samples.

7. After-School Program 


Have you heard about our new after-school coding program at [SCHOOL NAME]? Our computer teachers are working hard to equip the next generation of tech experts with the skills and knowledge they need to advance innovation in their communities. To do this, we need to raise money for the following: 


As you likely know, we rely on donations to provide our learners with all the necessary tools, resources and guidance they need to achieve greatness. Instead of asking for donations this year, we will host a code-a-thon on [DATE]. 

We are calling on businesses in our community to sponsor this event, with three different levels of sponsorship available: 

  • Level 1: [EXPLAIN] 
  • Level 2: [EXPLAIN]
  • Level 3: [EXPLAIN] 

As a sponsor of the [SCHOOL NAME] code-a-thon, your name will appear on all promotional materials, and parents will receive an email and flyer about your contribution to our school community. 

You would be helping bring a valuable after-school program to these driven students and supporting them as they strive to achieve individual goals through technology. Please join us in our mission today to make this after-school coding program a success! 

For more information, please visit this link [URL] or email [CONTACT NAME] with questions. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can sign up here [URL].

8. Online Fundraiser 


Get ready to feel some school spirit! We have received a lot of requests for new spirit wear for the [YEAR] school year. Your requests have been heard, and we're almost ready to launch our online spirit wear store. 

All proceeds of sales between [START DATE] and [END DATE] will go toward our [FUNDRAISER NAME] to raise money for the following: 


As an incentive for participating in this fundraiser, all items in our online spirit wear store will offer a 15% discount during the time period mentioned above. There is no maximum limit to what you can purchase, so be sure to stock up on your spirit wear for the whole year (and for the whole family)! 

Click this link [URL] to view the store when it goes live on [START DATE] and make your purchases online. Feel free to share the link with family, friends and coworkers. Anybody purchasing items from [START DATE] to [END DATE] will receive the same 15% discount.

9. Corporate Donation 


My name is [NAME], and I represent [SCHOOL NAME]. On behalf of the entire school, I would like to cordially invite your business to become part of our upcoming fundraiser. Our annual [NAME OF FUNDRAISER] fundraiser helps support various aspects of our children's daily learning. It allows us to fund the following: 


But most importantly, it gives the children a chance to get the education they need to succeed. Your donation of any size would be greatly appreciated and help us make our students’ dreams a reality. We truly value the support of our local businesses, so thank you for considering this request. 

As a token of our appreciation, we will include the logos of any business that donates $100 or more in our school directory that will be published on [DATE]. This directory is sent to every parent in our community, ensuring your business will be in front of many of your potential customers. 

If you have any questions or want to partner with our school in other ways, please reach out to [CONTACT NAME]. If you're ready to participate in the fundraiser, please visit this link [URL]. 


Donation Request Letters for School Events 

Hosting events at school is a great way to foster a sense of community and help children learn critical social skills. However, these events can be expensive. That's why it's great to get creative when asking for donations. Remember that you don't always have to ask for monetary donations; sometimes, asking for supplies or volunteers is great too. Check out these three donation letter templates for schools.

10. School Dance 

Dear [NAME], 

Our school is pleased to invite you to participate in an experience of a lifetime — our [THEME] school dance! School dances celebrate student life by promenading on the floor with friends and classmates. That's why we humbly request your help in making this school event a success by donating funds that will go toward event expenses

We need three types of donations: 

  • Cash: Donations will fund decorations, food and other supplies for the dance. This includes hiring entertainment, decorating the gym and paying for all of the refreshments throughout the event. 
  • Time: Simply put, we need volunteers! If you can't donate cash, please consider donating your time. We are looking for [NUMBER] adult volunteers to help decorate, monitor and clean up.
  • Services: Finally, we are looking for service providers or local businesses willing to donate their time, services or products. If you know a local child-friendly DJ, cake shop or decorating business willing to donate to this dance, please get in touch. 

Please visit this link [URL] to make cash donations or contact [EMAIL ADDRESS] to sign up as a volunteer or vendor. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, and we look forward to seeing you at the school dance!

11. Event Sponsorship 


My name is [NAME], and I am [POSITION] at [SCHOOL NAME]. We are hosting an event on [DATE], and I am reaching out to see if you would be interested in being an event sponsor. 

As an event sponsor, your business will receive: 

  • Extensive publicity and recognition throughout the event 
  • An ad banner on our online school store (we can link to your business website if you have one) 
  • A half-page ad in our annual school directory 

What do you have to do to receive all of those benefits? A donation of at least $[AMOUNT]. 

If you cannot become a sponsor but would like to donate to the event in other ways, please contact [EMAIL ADDRESS] to chat about other ways to help support the [SCHOOL NAME] community. We truly appreciate anything you can do and look forward to hearing from you soon!

12. Teacher Appreciation Week 

Dear parents of the [SCHOOL NAME] community, 

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost upon us! We want to celebrate the amazing work of our teachers and show them how much we appreciate all that they do for us. That's why we're planning the following themed days for the week of [DATE] to [DATE]. The schedule is as follows: 

  • Monday: [THEME]
  • Tuesday: [THEME]
  • Wednesday: [THEME]
  • Thursday: [THEME]
  • Friday: [THEME] 

To make Teacher Appreciation Week even more special, we are asking families to join in by making donations of $[AMOUNT] each. These donations will allow us to purchase decorations for each themed day and purchase a gift basket for each of our hard-working teachers. 

To submit your donation, please visit this link [URL] and make your payment online. If you prefer to make a cash donation, please send it with your child in the envelope they received last week. They will need to drop it off in the library in the bright [COLOR] box next to the entrance. 

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will help us recognize our teachers and make Teacher Appreciation Week an occasion to remember. We truly hope you can be a part of this special celebration and advance the mission of our school. 


Donation Request Letters for Food  

School food drives collect donations of nonperishable items and cash and strengthen the school community by encouraging collaboration and creativity, such as coming up with innovative ways to raise money. If you've never written a donation letter for a school food drive, here are two donation letter templates for schools to do just that.

13. Nonperishable Items 

Dear parents of the [SCHOOL NAME] community, 

With the holidays approaching, we hope to make a difference in our community by participating in a district-wide food drive. By donating nonperishable items such as canned vegetables, peanut butter and boxed macaroni and cheese, we can make a big impact! 

These nonperishable goods will benefit struggling families and those most affected by the increased prices of staple food items. We believe that with the help of everyone in our school community, we can show our support for those most in need. 

Starting on [DATE], every classroom will be equipped with a box where you or your child can place donated nonperishable food items. If you have questions, please contact your child's homeroom teacher. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support.

14. Food Drive Contest 


If you haven't heard yet, we're turning our annual food drive into a contest this year! We are requesting the same nonperishable items as always, including: 

  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned tuna
  • Pasta
  • Grains
  • Peanut butter
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee 

Here's how the contest works: From [START DATE] to [END DATE], we request that each class provide 60 nonperishable food items. Classes that meet the minimum requirement of 60 will get to participate in a movie party on [DATE]. If every class in our school reaches the minimum requirement, we will host a mini [EVENT] for everybody. 

The best part? You or your child can donate to any class they wish, which means you can help other classes meet their minimum of 60 food items. 

Your contribution can make a big difference in supporting vulnerable people in our community. You can drop off donations to your child's homeroom teacher and view class progress on our school website here [INSERT URL]. 


Donation Request Letters for Sporting Events 

Sporting events can be a great way to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle among students at school. They also teach important life lessons for young people such as hard work and team spirit. 

Being part of sporting events can also foster camaraderie between students, allowing them to form relationships with classmates that they might otherwise miss. However, not all school districts offer generous funding for sporting events or sports clubs. 

If that's the case in your school district, ask for help with this donation request letter for school events and sporting clubs.

15. Sporting Event 

Dear [SCHOOL NAME] parents, 

We are excited to share that school sports are on the rise! To keep this momentum going, we are fundraising for an upcoming event for [SPORTS CLUB]. The rock-star students in this club have [MENTION ACHIEVEMENTS], and we couldn't be prouder of them. However, we need your help getting them to the finish line. 

On [DATE], they will compete in the [EVENT NAME], and we need help raising $[AMOUNT] for the following: 


Your donations will go toward creating a well-organized and successful event while giving our young athletes an unforgettable experience. Please join us in making school sports at [SCHOOL NAME] even better by supporting our cause with a generous donation today. You can drop off cash donations in the front office until [END DATE] or make online donations here [URL]. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Go [MASCOT NAME]s! 


Donation Thank You Letters 

Sending thank you letters to those who donate to your school is incredibly important. When people donate their hard-earned money and time, it’s crucial that they feel appreciated. Whether they are for large or small sums, thank you letters are one of the best ways to show that you value someone's contribution. 

Thank you letters show how much effort donors put into their contributions and reflect on how they are being used and what impact they will have on the school. Because these thank you letters differ from school donation request letters, here are a couple of sample thank you letters for donations to school.

16. Generic Thank You 

Dear [NAME], 

On behalf of our entire school, thank you for investing in the education of our students. Your generous donation has gone a long way to helping us continue to provide outstanding learning opportunities for the students and staff at our school. We truly appreciate your ongoing commitment and dedication to ensuring the success of all members of our school community. 

Your contribution is invaluable and we thank you immensely for your support! If you would like to learn more about other opportunities to give back to the [SCHOOL NAME] community, click here [URL] to view all of our upcoming fundraisers and events.

17. Specific Thank You 

Dear [NAME], 

We are reaching out to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for donating to our [EVENT/FUNDRAISER]. Because of your generous donation, we were able to accomplish the following: 


As a result, our students were able to enjoy [DIRECT BENEFIT AS A RESULT OF THE FUNDRAISER OR EVENT]. None of this would have been possible without you and your dedication to our community. We are eternally grateful for your support of the [SCHOOL NAME] community. 

The impact of your generosity will be felt throughout our school for some time to come, as it helps create a better learning environment that sets our students up for a brighter future. We cannot thank you enough and we appreciate your dedication to making our school great. 

If you have questions about how your donation was used, please content [EMAIL ADDRESS] or call our PTA president during business hours at [PHONE NUMBER]. Thank you again and have a great week. 


Use School Fundraising Software 

Fundraising is a great way to generate revenue for school programs, but it can be hard to organize and manage successfully. Writing donation letters for schools is a great way to reach out to potential donors, and school fundraising software is the perfect solution for managing this process from start to finish. It makes events easy to plan and monitor while boosting the school's revenue potential.  

At Vanco, our school software gives school administrators the tools they need to manage events more efficiently. It provides an intuitive system for parents and staff so everyone can make payments quickly and easily. The best part is that with our software, you have total control over every aspect of your fundraiser events — from analytics and tracking data to flexible payment options that work for everyone involved. Click here to learn about our cutting-edge school fundraising software today! 



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