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Did you know that the biggest publishers, like The New York Times and The Associated Press, are all turning to newsletters to widen their readership?

That's why a newsletter is such a great idea for your church.

Church newsletters are an effective way to get out the necessary information to every member of your church at the same time.

But before you start digging into church newsletter ideas or figuring out what to put into your church newsletter, you'll need to give it a name. It's essential to think of catchy names for church newsletters. Read on to get some ideas for good church newsletter names.

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Why Start a Newsletter?

Church newsletters are one of the oldest digital marketing strategies used to spread information and gain readership. 

It's a win-win for everyone. You get to put out important information to your congregation, your congregation feels connected through updates and church news and word of your church spreads.

Through a church newsletter, you can share stories and gospel directly with your congregation. It can be related to the latest Sunday message or be something entirely different that you feel called to share. 

You can use it to make announcements about upcoming events your congregation should know about. Events and social gatherings are the cornerstones of bringing your members closer together in faith, friendship, and fun. 

You can also use your newsletter to make announcements concerning any church business, such as announcing a need for donations.

Maybe your church needs a new youth leader or volunteers for a food drive. A church newsletter is a great way to announce any needs or help you may need. 

It's also a great way to put the spotlight on your church and spread your message to the neighborhood.

If your church is trying to gain more members, a newsletter will tell prospective members what they can expect from attending your church.

Not to mention a church newsletter is something any of your current members can easily hand to a friend who may be interested.

They will find out what kind of messages they can expect from you and why they might be a good fit in your congregation. 

Lastly, a newsletter will build a stronger relationship with your congregation. Delivering consistent news and messages will create a sense of trust and reliability.

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Why Are Church Newsletter Names Important?

Every choice you make for your church newsletter should be strategic.

For instance, the image used on the cover or any images used inside should be there to drum up interest or catch attention. 

But before you design your newsletter, you should consider the name. A name is significant to the success of your newsletter.

A catchy church newsletter name that conveys what your ministry represents will be easy to remember and make people want to read . On the same note, a name that is uncreative and unmemorable might work against you.

If you're unsure where to start, there are plenty of tips to help you come up with the perfect church newsletter names. 

It's a good idea to avoid incorporating your church's name into the newsletter's name. Your congregation knows your church's name already, so it's redundant. 

The title "Mary's Episcopal Church Newsletter" doesn't pique an interest the same way as "Seeking Truth Today" might. 

It's also a good idea to consider using action words. Action words are exciting and entice readers to pick up the church newsletter.

There is a noticeable difference between the title "Church News Now" and "Growing In God Today."

1. Alliteration Affiliation Names

Did you notice how fun this heading was to read? That's because alliteration creates a rhythm.

This rhythm is memorable and creates a tone and mood that will stick with a reader. The rhythm will also carry text forward and make someone want to continue reading. 

Alliteration also emphasizes the meanings of the words used, which is especially important with a title containing only a small number of words. 

Finally, alliteration also creates a sense of lyrical comedy and lightheartedness. An excellent example of this effect can be found in most children's books.

Think of the books you read as a kid. Most of them probably contained a mixture of rhyming words and alliteration because it's a guaranteed way to keep kids entertained while they read.

So what are some good examples of church newsletter names that use alliteration?

"The Weekly Word" is a good example for several reasons.

When you say it, it rolls off the tongue, which is great for building readership and will inspire people to talk about it more. It also lets the reader know they can expect to get a new newsletter weekly, that way, they can keep an eye out for it every week. 

"Gospel Gab" is also a great one. This title is fun to say and creates an energetic tone when you read it. It's also a little more modern than your average church newsletter title and may appeal to a broader audience as a result. 

"Following Faith in Fellowship" is a good example of a church newsletter name that is more of a traditional alliteration title. It carries a classic, graceful tone while remaining catchy. It's also straightforward about what kind of content readers can find inside.

2. Rhyming Names

Rhyming titles have a very similar effect as alliteration on readers. It's catchy, quippy, and fun. The more fun it is to say, the more the title will be remembered and the more people will be inclined to bring it up in conversation. 

So using rhyming in your church newsletter names can only help you to build readership. Readers will also likely remember the title after only reading it once because rhyming words are easier to recall. 

"Pews News" is short, sweet and to the point. It's a short rhyme, which is the easiest to remember.

"Solely Holy" is also a highly memorable church newsletter name. Like with "Pews News," this title also effectively lets anyone know what kind of content can be expected inside. Though the rhyme will help make your newsletter memorable, you'll want to make sure individuals can tell the newsletter is about church and faith.

3. God-Centered Names

Why not get straight to the point and include God himself in your title?

"Jesus Frees Us" is a title that focuses on God and also incorporates rhyming, making it a perfect name to use.

It's also vague enough that you could put any content in it. While some church newsletters might focus on news or announcements and updates, this kind of title implies the content inside could be anything. For example, you could include prayer requests, poems or even songs. 

"Lord of Lords Ledger" is another excellent example. It keeps the title God-focused while still using the creativity of alliteration. 

"God Squad" is a fun, snappy title. It also sounds more modern, and it could be great for youth or teen-centered newsletters. 

4. Timely Names

You can also use your title to let your congregation know how often they expect a new church newsletter to be published or sent. 

Doing this will also help your readers associate your newsletter with a particular day or time of the month, which will make it more memorable. 

"Worshipping Weekly" is a title that tells people that the newsletter is all about the church and that they can expect a new issue weekly. 

"His Mercy Monthly" is a title that conveys class and lets your readers know that they can expect a new issue once a month. If you regulate what time of the month a new issue came out, say, the fourth Sunday of every month, it will be even more memorable. 

5. Classic Names

Nothing can replace the tradition and grace of a classic name that everyone can appreciate. 

"By His Grace" is a beautiful name that invokes serene, peaceful imagery while still staying on message. 

"The Gospel Truth" is a title that feels familiar and is a phrase that most readers will have heard before. This will make it easy to recall and readers will readily associate the phrase with your church newsletter. 

"The Lord's Light" is a lovely title that also uses alliteration, making it twice as appealing. Using words that invoke positive or uplifting feelings, like "light," is always a good idea. 

6. Bible Reference Titles

It can be fun to use Bible references in your titles. That way, the words will be instantly familiar and may even remind people of the verses or stories they come from. The more recognizable the Bible reference, the more fun it will be for people to read. 

"Articles From The Ark" is a fun title that will remind your readers of one of the most famous Bible stories ever told. This story is so popular it was even made into a Hollywood movie. 

"Walking on Water Weekly" is an excellent choice for a few reasons.

It evokes the classic image of Jesus walking on water in front of his disciples. This is one of the most beloved stories from the Bible and shows the true power of Jesus. It also uses alliteration and lets readers know how often they can expect to get a church newsletter.

7. Hopeful Names

Incorporating positivity and light into your name can only be a good thing! Reading words that bring happiness to mind will entice readers to keep reading. 

In a study done at the University of Vermont, mathematicians asked subjects to rate words by how happy they made them feel. Some of the highest-rated words were "happiness", "love", "joy", "rainbow" and "smiled." 

"Happiness in Him" is a peaceful-sounding name that immediately brings soft images and colors to mind and evokes calm feelings. 

"Loving the Lord" is another good example of a hopeful name. It will bring a smile to your readers' faces just thinking about it. 

"A Joyful Word" is also a title that will make your readers immediately think of positive and comforting thoughts. 

8. Cross Themed Names

The cross is one of the most powerful symbols of faith. It represents so much despite being a singular and undecorated object. Therefore, a church newsletter name based around the cross is a powerful choice. 

"Carrying the Cross" is a strong choice. It reminds of the image of Jesus faithfully carrying out his duty, just as your congregation also aims to. 

"Christ's Cross" is also a solid and bold name. It brings to mind the strength of God and how he protects his followers. 

9. Congregation Names

Including your congregation within your church newsletter name is always a good idea! It will make your congregation feel special and remind them that the church is looking out for them and their well-being. 

"Worshippers Weekly" is an example of a name that puts a spotlight on your readers. It also uses alliteration and lets them know how often the newsletter comes out.

"Growing God's People" is another excellent example. It lets your readers know that your newsletter aims to help them grow in their faith.  

10. Catchy Names for Church Newsletters

The catchiest church newsletter names will probably incorporate one or more of the above tips for maximum effectiveness. 

"Pray Through The Day" is catchy because it rhymes and stays on message. 

"Place of Grace News" is a name that is pleasing to read, fun to say and will make people feel good.

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