12 Amazing Church Bulletin Board Ideas


13 Amazing Church Bulletin Board Ideas Spelled Out on Corkboard

Some church bulletin board ideas are simply inspiring, with themes that are both visually appealing and thought-provoking. Other bulletin boards serve a variety of functions in the life of the congregation. Of course, bulletin boards differ depending on the religion and denomination, but in general, they may improve the experience that church members have at their place of worship.

It may be difficult to keep your church's bulletin board looking new and interesting. After all, you have a lot of work to do aside from rearranging your church's bulletin board.  But, it doesn't have to be a time-consuming task.

In fact, you can update your church's bulletin board in just a handful of minutes, especially if you have a few ideas to work from. Here is a list of 12 creative church bulletin board ideas to help you get started.

Church Bulletin Board Ideas, Tips and Tricks

When it comes to visual appreciation, the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true. You'll find the imagery you use in any of your materials, such as church bulletins, newsletters and bulletin boards, can have a huge impact.

Unfortunately, creating a visually appealing church bulletin board isn't as easy as slapping a few items up on a corkboard. That's why we included a list of 12 church bulletin board ideas that will be sure to capture the interest of members and visitors. 

1. Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

Christmas Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

Christmas is a special time of year for your members and visitors, and it's a great time to inform them about the latest happenings and opportunities for engagement within your church. To capture the interest of members and visitors alike, try one of these Christmas bulletin board ideas for churches. They are sure to capture the focus of members and visitors as they enter the church or sanctuary.

With Bells On!bell over white - Christmas Church Bulletin Board Idea

Why not use brightly colored bell shapes with big colorful bows to make a statement? Make a hole in the edges of the board, tie a little thread around it and attach a jingle bell to the end of the string.

Write on the blanks on each paper bell with a different method to serve God at Christmas. Attach photos from magazines showing people doing kind deeds.

Warm Nativity Scene

To pull off this Christmas bulletin board idea, use a bright yellow background. Then add a Christmas tree, Nativity scene, some animals and a fireplace. The Nativity and the Christmas tree stand out against the plain yellow backdrop of the background. The fireplace cutout radiates comfort and coziness.

It's a lovely bulletin board and will capture the interest of members and visitors, allowing them to see the various callouts regarding church programs pinned to your board.

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2. Easter Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

Chicks - Easter Bulletin Board Ideas

There are plenty of great Easter bulletin board ideas for churches, and our team found several eye-catching images of the amazing work church congregations have put together. Here are just three of the really great concepts we found. 

A Simple Equation 

Equation on Blackboard - Easter Bulletin Board Idea

One eye-catching and thought-provoking idea for a church bulletin is the simple equation of 1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given. The board is pretty simple and the text requires very little space as illustrated in this image

Because it requires very little space, you'll be able to add additional callouts to your church's programs in the open spaces on the board.

A Lot Can Happen in Three Days

Glowing Cross in Hand - Easter Bulletin Board Idea

As Jesus proved, a lot can happen in just three days. And, this Easter bulletin board idea plays on that theme. Start by splitting the bulletin board into two equal sections. On one section, place one half of a crown of thorns. On the second section, place one half of a regular royal crown that connects to the crown of thorns. The two crowns should form a complete circle. 

Then, on the side with the crown of thorns, create a scene of the cross. On the side of the image with the traditional crown, create a scene of the opened tomb to show Christ has risen.

He Is Risen

One tried-and-true Easter bulletin board idea for a church is the "He Is Risen" concept. This is a commonly used board that features the text "He Is Risen" and Easter imagery of crosses, blooming flowers or the open tomb. If you're looking for an example of this Easter bulletin board idea, check this one out. 

3. Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

Fall Theme - Bulletin Board Ideas for Church

Fall bulletin board ideas for churches weren't hard to find. In our search, we found several that could easily draw the attention of members and visitors. Here are four of our favorites. 

His Grace Falls on Us

Capture the attention of members and church visitors with a colorful bulletin board that plays off fall themes. This fall bulletin board idea for churches is simple. Create a tree with autumnal leaves falling down. Then insert the text of "His Grace Falls on Us." 

This amazing fall bulletin board idea for churches also makes it easy to place important announcements--there should be plenty of space to pin key messages. And, you can even incorporate some of the messages in the shape of leaves. 

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Gathering Up God's Promises

For this fall bulletin board idea, you may need to include a second bulletin board next to it to hold any key updates. There probably won't be much room for extra materials on this board, but it will capture the focus of your members. You can use an additional board situated next to the "Gathering Up God's Promises" board to convey key church updates and messages.

To execute this amazing fall bulletin board idea for churches include an image of a squirrel along with some acorns with the text of God's promises printed on them. 

Harvest God's Word

Embrace the theme of fall with this amazing church bulletin board idea and give a nod of appreciation to the agricultural workers within the congregation. This idea also affords plenty of space for key church announcements.

To execute this fall bulletin board idea for churches, create a scene of a tractor amid a field. The original source of this board included a beautiful scene of dawn, with bars of bright colors to grab the attention of those passing by. They also wrote "Harvest God's Word" to play on the them of fall. 

Ecclesiastes 3:11

  1. Why not share a powerful church quote and give a nod to the beauty God creates? In this fall bulletin board idea for churches, you can easily do both. First include the text of this verse. The source of this idea truncated the verse to get it fit, and you could easily do the same. 

They also included a beautiful autumn scene in the background to show the beauty that God creates, underscoring the theme of the verse. 

4. New Year Bulletin Boards

fireworks - New Year Bulletin Boards

Each year, a congregation begins with a clean slate, with eager new faces, new ideas, and a newly decorated church bulletin board. However, it may be challenging to think of fresh methods to make your church both welcoming and engaging. Here are a few amazing church bulletin board ideas for the occasion.

Positive Messages For the Coming Year

Form a New Year-themed church bulletin board by gluing brightly colored envelopes with typed messages inside. Each member can choose an envelope and get a positive message for the New Year.

New Year's Resolutions

With the New Year come New year resolutions. A New Year's resolution is a ritual that originated in the Western World but is also found in the East. This ritual involves a person's wish to decide to:

  • Continue good habits.
  • Change an unwanted characteristic.
  • Change bad behavior.
  • Accomplish a specific milestone.
  • Improve their quality of life at the start of a new year.

For another New Year resolution-themed bulletin board, use a simple black felt board with a pretty border. As your congregation enters the church, have them write down on small pieces of square cardboard how they want to improve in the New Year. 

Each square can then be pinned onto the board, giving everyone hope and inspiration to achieve their goals!

5. Encourage a Rise in Temperature

adjusting temperature - Encourage Rise

This particular theme could be used at the beginning of summer, signifying the coming rise in temperature.

The bulletin board decorations for this theme are a big thermometer shape. Cut out a thermometer shape and attach it to the notice board.

At the bottom of the thermometer, write the average attendance record for the previous year for your church. Encourage the congregation to invite visitors and to contact those who haven't been attending recently.

Have a monitor count visitors as they enter the church and log tracking of visitors on the thermometers. This idea is great for boosting attendance during the summer slump

6. New Church Revival

Title this church bulletin board with “Help Us Improve YOUR Church.” Glue brightly colored pictures of magicians' hats, wands, rabbits and gadgets on the church bulletin board. Put a decorated magician's bag below the board on a table.

Place paper slips and pencils on the table for the congregation to write any suggestions and drop them in the bag. That way, the congregation will feel appreciated and will feel a deeper connection to the church.

In this way, the church may even get great suggestions they never even thought of and can use for growing the church.

7. Solve the Mystery

Sherlock Hound - Church Bulletin Idea

This suggestion is intended for the younger congregation who attend religious instruction at the church. Place the title “It’s a Mystery” on the church bulletin board along with many different-sized question marks.

Every week, post a hint that will inspire students to discover the solution to the current lesson question on the board. 

Put up a hint for each age group since various groups may be learning different things.

This mystery-themed board will guide students through a month of clues. It may even push the more curious ones to try and figure out what they need to know at the end of the month. Rewards drive people, so perhaps they can get a small prize for the best answers. 

8. Valentine's Day Themed Bulletin Board

lavender heart - Church Bulletin Board

In the opinion of many parents and religious educators, the essential virtue of showing and educating the children in our care is "love." 'Love is what makes the world go round,' goes a popular expression.

A Valentine's Day-themed bulletin board provides thoughts and activities to assist congregations, families, and individuals in spreading that love. For example, the board could offer ideas over the month of February, such as:

Offer a Certificate of Love

Help your congregation think of someone they know who has exhibited "courageous love" and made a difference in someone's life. Get them to give a small gift and give it to them. It doesn't have to be an expensive one; a simple flower or a bar of chocolate will do.

Give Out Valentine's Cards

Geek With Valentine's Card - Church Bulletin Board Idea

Have your younger congregation draw, color or cut out a valentine for workers at a nearby cafe or restaurant. Explain what hard work it is. Then, take the valentine card to them and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day!

For some of the congregation, this concept may highlight the different kinds of kindness and love. Using a calendar may help make that love stand out and be a more real experience.  

Make the activities short and sweet so that they can be done within 15 to 30 minutes.

9. A Tree of Blessings

Tree - Church Bulletin Board Idea

Draw or print a huge tree and attach it to the church bulletin board. Give it a header such as a 'tree of blessings.' Have a table under the tree with a box full of cut-out leaves and some pens.

Ask each person within the congregation, after the service, to take one leaf and write down one blessing they have experienced during the last week. Then, pin or staple each leaf to the tree and watch the tree 'grow' with each blessing pinned.

As the tree grows, this will highlight and show the congregation how lucky they are that there are so many blessings in each of their lives. 

10. Bee Amazing Church Bulletin Board

This idea is one of the most eye-catching of all the bulletin board designs. Decorate your church bulletin board with a bright blue background and place some bright sunflowers around the bottom of the board.

Cut out bee shapes with the 'bee amazing at' sentence. Then, get each person in the congregation to complete the bee amazing sentence and place the bee on the board. That way, the congregation can see the positive messages, and the bee population grows before their eyes!  

11. Thanksgiving Church Bulletin Board

thanksgiving dinner - Church Bulletin Board Idea

As family members come together to spend time with one another, the Thanksgiving holiday is typically the busiest time of the year. Greet members and visitors with a beautiful church bulletin board.

For this Thanksgiving church bulletin board idea, place an image of a large turkey with an array of paper feather cut outs splayed behind it. Each feather could show something we should be grateful for in our lives. Below the bulletin board, you could have various baskets where the congregation can donate goods, clothing and items for the homeless. 

The congregation can be encouraged to invite new people and others who have no place to go on this grateful day!

12. Springtime Madness Church Bulletin Board

field of daisies - Church Bulletin Board Idea

Spring is a beautiful time of year when new greenery emerges, flowers begin to blossom and birds begin to chatter in harmony. The time of new beginnings and beautiful church bulletin ideas! These ideas may be used as the basis for a seasonal church bulletin board design.

Spring rains bring benefits to mother earth. And so, a theme might be “A shower of blessings this spring” or “Counting Your Blessings.” 

Imagine designing the board to have the appearance of new grass and flower beds, sprouting plants that are beginning to appear, and raindrops falling on the board's surface. For example, using big raindrops on which the congregation may write a blessing from God and tacking them onto a spring picture on the board might make the activity more engaging.

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