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Posted by Vanco Education Dec 1, 2019 3:40:00 PM

ASAP is excited to announce our new payment processing tool called ConnexPoint. This means that ASAP customers no longer need to use a third-party payment processor.



ConnexPoint simplifies payment processing for ASAP users by eliminating third-party processors – and their high rates and fees. ASAP’s parent company, Vanco, has been in the payment processing business for more than 20 years and handles $15 billion in payments each year for educational organizations, nonprofits and businesses.

ConnexPoint offers better rates than other processors.More than 95% of ASAP clients who switch to using ConnexPoint as their payment processor save money. One of our customers told us they’re on pace to save $15,000 per year, and that’s money they plan to put to good use.

ConnexPoint offers more than just competitive rates. Together with ASAP, we’re now the one-stop integrated solution for your student registration and payment processing needs. This new service will streamline how you collect payments going forward. 

A few other reasons to switch to ConnexPoint today:

  • We built ConnexPoint specifically for educators. Vanco has a long history of processing payments for educational organizations like yours, so we understand how reducing processing costs can impact your budget.
  • ConnexPoint is part of Vanco’s payment processing engine that handles $15 billion in payments each year.
  • Set up takes less than 30 minutes! Once your set up, just tell us the day you want to start saving money.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities (Watch a quick video demonstrating these tools here!)

If you’re ready to simplify your payment processing – and save your organization money – today, click here to sign up.

If you want to first see a price comparison and demonstration of how ConnexPoint and ASAP will work together to simplify your payments, reach out to us via email at or call us now at 888.725.0765. 


Vanco supports K-12 schools and community education organizations by providing convenient, online solutions including cashless campus software, web stores, program management tools and meal payment solutions. To see how your school can simplify online payments, give us a call at 800.323.5953 or request a demo online.

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