8 Reasons Why Schools Need a Lunch Ordering System

Posted by Vanco Education on Sep 4, 2020 3:31:40 PM


school lunch ordering software Blog ImageAs some schools begin welcoming students back for face-to-face learning, many accommodations have to be made. Schools will have to adjust many of their daily procedures and routines to allow for things like social distancing and proper cleaning procedures.

And one of the biggest areas that are going to need some tweaking is your school lunch ordering system. Due to the ongoing effects of the novel coronavirus, it’s not safe for kids to stand in long lines while they wait to choose their food.

If your school hasn’t done so already, it’s time to make the switch to an online ordering system.

8 Reasons You Need School Lunch Ordering Software

A streamlined school lunch ordering system will save your staff time and ensure that students receive their meals in a safe and efficient manner. Let’s look at eight reasons schools need a school lunch ordering system.

1. It’s more convenient for families

When you implement a school lunch ordering system, parents can access their child’s account through an online portal. This online portal makes it easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

Parents can see what the lunch options are for the coming week, which makes it easier to plan ahead. They can log in when it’s convenient for them and even pre-order meals.

And it’s easy to add money to their child’s online lunch account. Plus, they can set up automatic payment reminders when the account balance gets low.

2. Parents can monitor student accounts

Once kids are in school, many parents start to feel like they don’t really know what’s going on. That’s why one of the biggest benefits of a school lunch ordering system is the added transparency it provides parents.

Parents can log into the online portal and quickly see what kinds of meals their child is eating on a daily basis. They can also access a list of their transaction history, and add spending limits to their child’s account.

Plus, many kids have dietary restrictions due to allergies and cultural or religious preferences. Parents can easily update this information in their student’s online lunch portal.

3. Increases hot lunch participation

The NSLP provides free or reduced price lunches to over 29 million kids on a daily basis. So it’s important that schools have a lunch ordering system that allows as many kids to participate as possible.

The right lunch ordering system will make it easier for students to sign up. It will also make it easier for kids to sign up for free or reduced lunch plans.

4. Improves cafeteria management

The right software will not only make it easier for families to manage student lunches, but it will save your staff time. The right lunch ordering system will connect to your menu and make inventory management easier.

Plus, the right service will be easily customizable, so staff members can manage student orders. And the software should be intuitive and easy to use so all staff members can navigate it.

5. Students spend less time waiting in line

A lunch ordering system makes it easier to reduce bottlenecks and move kids quickly through the lunch line. And an intuitive POS system allows cashiers to ring students up quickly and make the lunch line move faster.

You can also do this by using digital menu boards so students can choose what they want to eat while they’re waiting in line. That way, they won’t have to spend time deciding once they reach the counter.

6. Secure online payments

Online payments are one of the best ways to speed up the lunch ordering process. But if you want parents to embrace the online portal, they need to know their payment information is secure.

In addition to choosing a system that is flexible, you also want to choose one that’s secure. Make sure that any system you select uses a payment processor that’s PCI compliant.

7. Mobile responsive

The days of having kids pay for their school lunches with cash or a check are over. But if you want to fully utilize online payments, then you need a payment processor that’s mobile responsive.

Most parents will update their child’s account while they are on their phone and on the go. Choosing a lunch order system that allows for in-app purchases and is mobile responsive will ensure maximum participation levels.

8. Makes social distancing easier

Thanks to school lunch ordering software, kids won’t have to spend time waiting in line for their lunch. Cutting down on time spent in line is crucial because it helps schools maintain the proper social distancing procedures recommended by the CDC.

One of the ways it does this is by allowing parents to pre-order meals for their kids. At the beginning of the week, parents can see an updated list of the upcoming school lunches. They can then place their orders ahead of time.

Pre-ordering allows staff to prepare these meals ahead of time, so they are waiting for students when they come to the cafeteria. Students can either pick up their meals, or staff members can deliver them directly to the classrooms. This will help prevent overcrowding in the cafeteria.

Bottom Line

Schools are facing many challenges right now, and there are no easy answers. All you can do is move forward one step at a time, and navigate each hurdle as it comes.

Fortunately, by adopting the right lunch ordering software, schools can dramatically improve how they manage mealtimes. By utilizing online payments and having parents pre-order their child’s meals, schools can effectively implement social distancing guidelines.

This will keep students and staff members safe, and ensure that schools can remain open for the kids who need in-person learning.

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