Best Father's Day Videos for Church Services - Free and Fair Use

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Add emotion to your Father’s Day service with a Father’s Day video for church. We’ve selected six videos that are humorous, touching, or engaging — or all three — to help you recognize and appreciate the crucial and challenging job fathers do every day.

Check out this list of free Father’s Day videos for church and pick one that resonates with you, your church and your congregation. These short videos work at any time during your Father’s Day service and put the focus where it belongs — on these important members of their families and your congregation. 

1. Free Father’s Day Intro Video

Make Father's Day at your church unforgettable with Vanco's specially designed intro video. This heartwarming video is the perfect opener, paying tribute to fathers and father figures, setting a tone of love and gratitude. Crafted to resonate with congregations of any size, it beautifully acknowledges the pivotal role fathers have in our lives. Enhance your Father's Day service by streaming this touching video and bring your community closer in celebration of fatherhood. Don't miss this opportunity to make the day even more special. 


2. Father's Day Videos for Church: “Daaaad!”

This free video can be an excellent way to make your Father's Day sermon more engaging. The Igniter Media video offers a funny tribute to every dad who interjects himself into his children's lives. 

“Daaaad!”, which lasts two minutes and 17 seconds, shows multiple scenes featuring a dad celebrating, protecting, teaching and helping his kids from their childhood years to their adult years. A message at the end of the video is filled with love and gratitude for the dad. 

3. “Who Does Not Love a Good Dad Joke?”

Fathers Day image of a dad telling his daughter a funny joke

This free video from Igniter Media is another top Father's Day church service video. The video, which lasts 52 seconds, pays homage to dads with corny punch lines. 

Viewers will enjoy a few laughs about fathers' cheesy jokes, but they'll also clearly see how much dads — and their jokes — are truly loved. “Who Does Not Love a Good Dad Joke?” is a wonderful video to celebrate your congregation's fathers, as it's both heartfelt and hilarious. Use it as the ideal transitional element during your worship service, service opener or sermon bumper. 

4. “A Father's Love”

This video by Igniter Media is another one of the best Father's Day videos for church. The video, which lasts two minutes and 12 seconds, stresses the irreplaceable and unique role dads play in their children's lives. 

The free video will remind congregants that fathers embody unconditional love, sacrifice and selflessness. It celebrates the dads in your church for the way they love their children in every season of their lives. 

Use the video to complement your dad-focused Father's Day sermon in a heartfelt, memorable way. It will help to encourage your congregants to celebrate the fathers in their lives after going to church. 

5. “We Love You Dad”

Fathers Day image of a father and newborn baby

An excellent Father's Day pre-sermon video is “We Love You Dad” by Igniter Media. The video, which lasts one minute and 12 seconds, is the perfect way to honor and celebrate the men who've shaped and led your congregants, walking them through life. 

Use the free video to thank dads for the times their strength held up their children and their wisdom lit their paths. This video is also an excellent way to say thank you to your church's fathers for encouraging their children to seek the Lord with their hearts, souls and strength. 

Fathers in your church will feel appreciation for living as examples of what godly, disciplined and gracious men should be when watching the mini-movie. It's a beautiful way to tell these men you love them and will treasure their lessons and memories with them forever. 

6. “Dad-Vice: A Father's Day Video”

This Igniter Media mini-video is another way to kick-start your church's mega dad celebration. Use this video to bring laughs and trigger feelings of love and appreciation for dads across your congregation on Father's Day. 

The free video, which lasts two minutes and 30 seconds, demonstrates that being a father is more than telling bad jokes, wearing sandals and socks together, and driving minivans. 

It encourages fathers to keep working hard to be their best for their children, as even the small things fathers do for their children may seem amazing and heroic. It's a funny and amusing mini-movie that reveals fathers' powerful influence on their children. 


Capturing the Heart of Fatherhood in Your Church

Father's Day at church is more than just another Sunday. It's a day to celebrate, honor and remember the invaluable role of fathers in our lives and communities. Through the delightful and heartfelt videos we covered, we've seen the many faces of fatherhood, from the joyous celebrations to the quiet sacrifices. 

But why stop there? This Father's Day, amplify the impact and reach of your church's message. How? By diving into the vast ocean of resources available on Vanco's YouTube page. It's not just about Father's Day; it's about every day and every occasion that your church encounters. 

Vanco offers an endless array of intro videos, timers and holiday-themed content, each crafted to enrich your church services and events. But here's the real game-changer — our in-house experts. These seasoned veterans have compiled guides and tips that are pure gold, designed to help your church flourish and grow in ways you've only dreamed of. 


It's not just about having great content; it's about how you use it to make a lasting impact. Vanco's resources are your toolkit for success, ensuring your church remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for years to come. 

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