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Church focus group questions can get to the heart of an issue by zeroing in on a certain subset of users. These subsets of users can be used to represent the whole church if they are comprised of an accurate sampling of the congregation. They can also be used to zero in on a small group of users.

Whatever you're looking to do with you church small group survey questions, you're moving in the right direction by looking to gain feedback. 

Soliciting feedback can be hard, and receiving it can be even more difficult, but effective leaders don't shy away from it. They understand it is necessary to improve.

Why Create Church Small Group Survey Questions?

Are you interested in growing your congregation, but aren’t quite sure how to achieve this? 

Creating a mission and strategic plan is vital for your church growth strategy. Lack of mission and purpose can cause all church growth efforts to backfire. 

Church focus groups can be very helpful in this area. By utilizing a church small group survey, you can increase parishioner engagement and build a communal sense that is helpful for church growth.  

If you want to invite your congregation to be part of the mission and vision for your church, here are ten church focus group questions to ask. 


Church Focus Group Questions 

These church focus group questions are a mix of open response, multiple-choice, and ratings-based answers. 

1. How can our church better fulfill needs within the community?

Perhaps there is a local homeless shelter nearby or your church is located in an area known for gang violence and drugs. This is a major outreach opportunity your focus group may want to weigh in on. 

2. What Outreach Efforts Are You A Part of That You'd Like Others to Join In On?

Often organizations that do charity together seem like a great place to work. It's the same way with churches, and your congregation may have ideas for group outreach that will make your church more attractive. 

3. How Much of Our Communication Media Do You Use?

Different communicative methods appeal to different groups. See which ones are working so you can stop wasting time producing too much media for people who won't use it. When constructing your church small group survey questions, be sure to include this topic. This could help you better allocate your resources.

4. How Do You Prefer to Receive Messages?

Continuing off the previous question, determine which demographic prefers brochures and newsletters and which one prefers emails or apps for communication. 

5. What Are Your Concerns for Our Church's Future?

One important thing church focus group questions can shed light on is the concerns about the future of a church.

Perhaps your church is so youth-oriented that some people are worried that it will lose it’s spiritual growth. These people could express those concerns in this questionnaire, and you can deal with the matter accordingly. 

6. Why Do You Prefer This Church?

Determine what you're doing right so you can build on it. Determine why they like your church so much. 

7. What Would You Change About Our Services?

Let your congregants be honest. If they want less modern allusions in sermons, take that to heart. If they think the church is too youth-oriented and not meeting the needs of older generations, hear them out. There are ways to compromise to keep congregants happy. 

8. How Do You Think We Could Appeal to Visitors?

The participants could suggest anything from a snack table to a coffee bar. They may suggest greeters say hello at the front. Focus groups can be a great source of hospitality advice. 

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9. Have You Attended Other Churches In The Last Year? If so, what did you like about their services?

This might be one of the most consequential small group survey questions you can ask. Members may say they liked yours more, or they may say there are things a different church does better. Hear them out regardless of either response. 

10. Do You Have Church Activity Ideas?

Allow your congregants to be part of the mission by getting creative in designing church activities. Someone might suggest forming a choir during the holidays and advertising tryouts with flyers and posters. This could make your church seem more lively and inviting.  

Every Church Survey Sample You Could Ever Use

Free Church Survey Templates

Church surveys are valuable for every church. The feedback you get from these church survey questions provide valuable insights. Unfortunately, building the church survey questions takes time, which you are short on. That’s why we built  Word Document templates for every church survey you could ever use. All you need to do is download the 18 printable church survey templates, which won’t cost you a thing! 

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