Template, Sample & Ideas for Childcare Christmas Newsletter

The childcare Christmas newsletter is an essential marketing tool that can help parents take in the joy of the holidays. But not all are successful. This guide will show you how to make yours effective.

So, the holidays are here! You need to make sure your emails make the season bright with a little festive flair. From fresh new Christmas content to the best ways to deal with the stress of back-to-school, we have all the right elements to make your December daycare newsletter one to remember.

Holidays are a great time to add some extra cheer and joy into your email marketing campaigns. If you’re inspired by the festive season, you can use all sorts of special dates and occasions, from Christmas to the Month of Giving.

Are you ready to give your email marketing campaigns a holiday boost? Keep reading to get inspiration for your December daycare newsletter for parents.


Christmas Newsletter Made Easy – Use Free Templates

Daycare-Preschool-Newsletter-Template-DecemberWith all your responsibilities, finding time to create the perfect Christmas newsletter can be tough. That’s why you shouldn’t start from scratch. To save you time, we built a December newsletter preschool template. This template is editable and printable. All you need to do is remove the sample text after downloading and enter your own copy.

By using this free December newsletter template, you won’t have to spend time on design. You’ll also get ideas for what to write with our sample text. Download the free template now!

Want a Free Daycare/Preschool Newsletter Template for Every Month?

Download our editable and printable templates for every month of the year at no cost!


Holiday Themed Newsletter Ideas for December

Below are holidays often used to inspire themes for email notifications and newsletters. Each of these can provide a good opportunity for a December newsletter preschool update.


Hanukkah Newsletter

The Jewish festival of Hanukkah is upon us once again! Beginning on November 28th, Hanukkah plays a starring role in our November newsletter ideas guide. This year, the Jewish festival draws to a close on December 6th, with candles being lit and people sharing traditional games and meals with their loved ones.

For your December daycare newsletter, let parents know 10 ways that they can share the love during this holiday season.

70 Daycare-Forms-Template-CTA


Christmas Newsletter

Christmas is a time for family and old friends, feasting and merrymaking. Christmas carols and songs fill the air, presents for the children are eagerly pulled from under the tree, and families gather around the dinner table. And at some point on that special evening, there’s usually some pretty special food as well—Christmas dinner is one of those things that everyone has a special recipe for.

For your childcare Christmas newsletter, you could set up a Christmas themed newsletter and create a Christmas card graphic to insert in your newsletter. Keep in mind that not all families celebrate Christmas, so perhaps saying “Happy Holidays” will suffice.


Boxing Day Newsletter

Boxing Day, also referred to as Saint Stephen’s Day, is an annual holiday celebrated on December 26th. It originated as a day to offer gifts to the poor. Boxing Day was officially recognized as a bank holiday in England back in 1871 by Parliament and it has been celebrated each year since then.

For your childcare Christmas newsletter, this is a good time to encourage others to give back and help the less fortunate. You could include links to charities and causes that your daycare supports. This newsletter may also provide a good opportunity for children to learn more about a holiday that's less familiar to them.


New Year’s Eve Newsletter

The New Year is coming up fast and this is the perfect time to welcome it. Provide a sense of celebration, and a look ahead to the exciting activities scheduled in the months to come.


December Newsletter Ideas for Month and Week-Long Events

To make your December daycare newsletter extra special, you could add some of these fun activities and meaningful holidays into your newsletter. Here are five additional holidays and upcoming events to mention in your Childcare Christmas newsletter.


Universal Human Rights Month

December is Human Rights Month and so this month is all about remembering to treat each other fairly and equally. Use your newsletter to provide additional details in an age-appropriate way.


Month of Giving

December is the perfect month for giving to others. Whether it’s joining a volunteer initiative, donating to charities or passing on pre-loved and unused items, you can make all the difference this December.

For your childcare Christmas newsletter, you could link to ways to donate gifts to children in need, or highlight resource types that are needed in particular communities.


National Cookie Day

Cookies, cookies, cookies! National Cookie Day is December 4th, so get ready to fill up your cookie jar. Whether you like a crunchy snap or a chewy sugary heaven, there are many forms of cookies out there. Eating cookies brings us happiness—and we should all do it more often. Just don’t tell your doctor!


National Letter Writing Day

With National Letter Writing Day just around the corner, we wanted to share tips on how you can celebrate this special occasion. When you put down your cell phone and pick up a pen, chances are great that you’ll be reminded of the power of handwritten notes.

For your December daycare newsletter, you could announce to parents that you plan on having the children trace and learn letters in the alphabet. This is just one of many activity ideas to consider for this special day.


National Ugly Sweater Day

Every year, on the third Friday of December, you can be sure that people all over are trading their casual sweaters for something a little more festive and fun. Whether they found one at the store or made their own ugly sweater, there’s no doubt in our minds that this holiday will make you laugh all day long!

For your childcare Christmas newsletter, it would be a fun idea to have the children wear their ugly sweaters to class. This is definitely a popular addition to any preschool's calendar of events!

Other Great December Content Ideas

Below are content ideas that aren’t themed around a holiday that you could incorporate into your daycare newsletter.


Share positive reviews from other parents and encourage parents to leave reviews whether it be Google, Facebook, or Trustpilot.


Create a Poll or Survey

Parents will really appreciate it if you take their opinions into mind. Show them this by adding a poll or survey into your November preschool newsletter so parents can share their feedback and recommendations in a comfortable space.

Why Create a December Newsletter?

There are countless reasons to consider writing a December newsletter for preschool parents and families.

Benefits for Parents

A preschool newsletter can be a vital communication tool, fostering a strong parent-school partnership. It provides practical updates about what's going on in the classroom, helping parents feel more connected to and invested in their child's development. And, parents gain insights into classroom activities, enabling them to engage in meaningful conversations with their children about their day.

Additionally, newsletters offer tips and resources for parents to support their child's learning at home, promoting continuity throughout the learning experience.

Benefits for Children

A December newsletter can also benefit kids. By sharing upcoming events and activities, it excites children about learning opportunities, encouraging enthusiasm and fostering curiosity. Newsletters may also include photos and stories from the classroom, reinforcing memories and promoting a positive connection with school. Make sure your newsletter is designed for parents to share some of its content with their students!

Key Elements of a December Newsletter

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to December newsletters, a few components are standard:

Holiday Themes

December tends to be a festive time of the year, and to capture that jovial spirit, it's crucial to harness the power of the holiday season.

Activities and Events

From parties to special recitals, the final month of the year tends to be heavy on activity. Make sure you keep parents fully in the loop about your classroom's calendar of events.

Engaging Content

From photos of your fun activities to thoughtful reflections on December's curriculum, there are countless content types that can make your newsletter absorbing.

Parent Engagement

Remember that one of the key goals for your newsletter is to encourage parents to get more involved. Make sure your newsletter offers plenty of invitations for parents to invest in their child's classroom experience.

Tips for Writing an Effective Newsletter

To ensure your December preschool newsletter is as effective as can be, consider these important copywriting and design tips. Look at some Christmas newsletter examples or Christmas newsletter samples for more insight.

Creating Catchy Subject Lines

As you begin to plan your childcare Christmas newsletter, keep in mind that the heart of any great email campaign is the subject line. The subject line should be able to heighten the curiosity of your parents and make them open your fun newsletter.

Interactive Elements

Again, using polls or surveys can help parents feel like the newsletter is an invitation to ongoing dialogue and conversation.

Design Tips

Ensure your newsletters use short paragraphs and plenty of white space. Headings and subheadings can be essential for breaking up longer prices of content, enhancing organization and readability.

Storytelling Techniques

Finally, remember that a good newsletter tells a compelling story. Make sure you remember that the kids are the heroes of the story; focus on their experiences in the classroom over all else.

Final Thoughts

December is an exciting time. The weather is colder, people spend more time at home preparing for Christmas and New Year’s. They bake cookies, shop for gifts, visit with family and friends, drink hot cocoa, get engaged, buy a new car…and remember to send the kids’ teachers all the supplies for their classrooms!

These celebrations are the main ones of the whole year, and if you miss out you will lose a lot of opportunities. You must be aware that this is the right time to celebrate, so start planning your activities as soon as possible.

A childcare Christmas newsletter can be the perfect way to create a buzz of excitement in your community and keep people up to date. Make it a prominent addition to your December to-do list.

We hope you will enjoy the holidays with us and all our members. This year has been filled with many memorable moments, events, and gatherings. By writing a great December daycare newsletter, you can share your year’s events to add to everyone’s holiday spirit.

That’s right, I hope this email will be the first of many holiday emails to brighten your days.


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What should be included in a preschool December newsletter?

A December preschool newsletter should include updates on holiday-themed activities, important dates for school recitals or events, closure reminders, winter safety tips, ideas for winter-themed fun activities, and brief curriculum insights.

How can you make the preschool newsletter more engaging to parents?

Interactive polls and surveys, classroom photos, and fun at-home activities are just some of the elements that can make a newsletter more engaging to parents.

Are there any free templates available for creating preschool newsletters?

Absolutely! Vanco provides plenty of editable and printable Templates for virtually every preschool situation; just keep scrolling and you'll see!

How often should a preschool send out newsletters?

While some classrooms opt for a weekly update, aiming for one good monthly newsletter is usually sufficient for keeping parents involved, informed, and engaged.

How can I gather feedback from parents on the newsletter?

One of the simplest ways to collect parental feedback is by including a poll within the newsletter itself, or a simple form where parents can reply with their comments and suggestions.

What are some interactive elements to include in a preschool newsletter?

Preschool newsletters can incorporate interactive elements like clickable links to educational games or resources, photo galleries showcasing classroom activities, embedded videos of student performances or projects, or printable activity sheets for families to enjoy at home.

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