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The second month of the year means fun February preschool newsletter ideas! Even though they say “the shortest month is the sweetest” … we think the longest might be better. Maybe you agree?

If you need fresh email newsletter ideas, look no further. Take advantage of this list of exciting holidays and events and send your parents something delightful that will keep them engaged and excited for more. Keep in mind that there are a number of days throughout the year, some religious and some simply just significant, that are ripe for celebration.

Use a blend of inspiring ideas and tools for this blog to inspire you and use the preschool February newsletter sample list below for great ideas!

February Newsletter Made Easy – Use Free Templates


If you’re running a full-time daycare, putting together content for a February preschool newsletter can be daunting. That’s why you shouldn’t start from scratch. To save you time, we built a February newsletter preschool template. This template is editable and printable. All you need to do is remove the sample text after downloading and enter your own copy.

By using this free preschool February newsletter sample, you won’t have to spend time on design. You’ll also get ideas for what to write with our sample text. Download the
free template now!

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Valentine’s Day

The celebration of love is honored on February 14th. In February, Valentine’s Day arrives, and love is in the air. But don’t forget about all the love and support your parents have given you throughout the year!
A fun way to grab the attention of parents is by featuring their children in your February newsletter for preschool with hearts and fun Valentine’s Day quotes – so cute!


Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the impact of significant Black figures throughout history. The experience of the Black community will be embraced, and people will be able to celebrate in their culture. In your February preschool newsletter this month you could provide a list of Black nonprofits and educational resources to help support the Black community. We have pintables, lesson plans and an opportunity to link to Black business owners in your local area.

Etsy can be a go-to source for getting inspiration from and celebrating the Black creators to highlight in your preschool February newsletter sample.

70 Daycare-Forms-Template-CTA


National Library Lover’s Month

Daycares love libraries! This month, showcase just how much libraries mean to your daycare and your students. In your February preschool newsletter, you can highlight story time or the list of books you’ll be reading in class for the month.


Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, falls on February 1st and is the most important holiday celebrated by the Chinese. This year the festival falls on February 5th, beginning the year of the Dragon. The festivities continue into mid-February when it ends with Lantern Festival, in Chinese Xiang Qi Jie.

Wish everyone a joyful celebration by decorating your February preschool newsletter design with the vibrant colors of the Chinese New Year!


World Read Aloud Day

On February 3rd World Read Aloud Day is celebrated as a fun social media holiday. For your February preschool newsletter, have your students share a story or poem that they’re proud of and share a recording of a student reading it aloud to the parents.


President’s Day

We can’t forget about President’s Day that is always celebrated on Mondays. Every year the date will change for President’s Day, but for 2023 it will land on February 20th. For your February preschool newsletter, share interesting facts and tidbits about US presidents through history to parents on your newsletter.


National Bake for Family Fun Month

This fun event is all about getting families into their kitchens and baking for other families and your daycare staff. For your February preschool newsletter, you can announce an event for every family to bake their favorite treat and have the students share them amongst each other. In honor of National Bake for Family Fun Month, you could also share with parents in your newsletter delicious healthy recipes they can make as a family at home!
With Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day coming up next month, you have plenty of content ideas. Use a combination of authority and personality to craft compelling and interesting content.


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