43 Prom Theme Ideas: An Extensive List for an Enchanted Evening

Limo Outside of School PromTo make prom night an evening of pure magic and a celebration that signifies a major milestone in the lives of high schoolers, you’ll need inspired prom theme ideas. Behind every memorable prom is a captivating theme that sets the stage for the entire event. Picking the perfect theme has the power to transform an ordinary night into an awe-inspiring experience, leaving indelible memories for all involved.  

Join us as we embark on a journey through 43 imaginative prom themes. From the timeless elegance of classic Hollywood to the whimsical joy of a circus, we have a theme to cater to every ideal. 

1. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest - Prom Theme

Imagine this: your students are dancing under a twinkling tree with shades of green surrounding them. 

With an Enchanted Forest prom theme, this peaceful scene can come to life, and it will set the tone for a magical night. Candles, tree backdrops, butterflies and mushrooms are perfect for the theme and will impress your students. To make this prom idea a reality: 

  • Put your students to work on creating a life-size tree with art supplies. 
  • Invest in battery-powered tealight candles that can be used for future dances. 
  • Surround the entrance, photo area and stage with hanging vines. 
  • Dim the lights, make tree silhouettes with construction paper and hang them on the walls. 

2. When in Rome

When In Rome - Prom Theme

The Romans were notorious for throwing big and elegant parties to display their togas. 

When in Rome is a fun prom theme because you can use Italian food as the main course and students can embrace the beautiful culture. You and other administrative staff can bring the Colosseum and Pantheon to life with white statues, pillars, and white drapes. Consider these prom decoration ideas: 

  • Hang vines and olive branches around the pillars and drapes to add color and contrast. 
  • Host a prom pasta night where people in the community can pay for a plate of delicious pasta and all the proceeds will go toward the dance. 
  • Create a beautiful Tuscany backdrop for the photo booth area. 
  • Let students create their own togas or prom outfits (so long as they are appropriate) to experience ancient Rome. 


3. Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow Yellow Brick Road - Prom Theme

Everyone remembers the bright yellow bricks paving the way to Oz. If you want to bring a fantastic story to life, you can turn your prom venue into the Emerald City. Your students can enter the venue after a walk down the yellow brick road to see a deep green ballroom with rainbows and poppy flowers. Other ways to create this unique prom theme include: 

  • Create photoshoot backdrops with The Wizard of Oz characters. 
  • Build an emerald palace where the stage or DJ is located. 
  • Have students design their very own yellow bricks to contribute to the road. 
  • Use emerald green lights for a whimsical appearance. 

4. Starry Night

Starry Night - Prom Theme

Van Gogh created the beautiful painting, "Starry Night," which is memorable for its bright shades of blue and yellow. 

Many museums and attractions are bringing this painting to life with interactive renderings. If you want your students to dance under the swirling stars, you can make it happen. Discover unique ideas that will fit this Starry Night prom theme, including: 

  • Decorate with various shades of blue and yellow. 
  • Project Van Gogh's paintings on the walls or dance floor. 
  • Encourage students to wear themed dresses and suits. 
  • Place glitter stars on the center of the tables. 
  • Incorporate vibrant and yellow flowers in the centerpieces. 

5. Red Carpet Event

Red Carpet - Prom Theme

Children often dream of walking down the red carpet in their beautiful gowns and tuxedos. Now that they’re older, this high school prom theme can turn your dance into a scene out of Hollywood and spark inspiration in each student. This is the perfect prom theme for teenagers who are about to graduate and enter the workforce. You can  encourage them to follow their wildest dreams. How? Try these ideas: 

  • Roll a red carpet from the entrance to the dance floor so students can make grand entrances. 
  • Have students decorate their "Hollywood Stars," which can be used as prom decorations on the dance floor or the walls. 
  • Add movie and film props to the photo booth so students can embrace the theme. 
  • Find funding for prom with a movie night that's open to the community. 

6. Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby - Prom Theme

Most students read "The Great Gatsby" in 11th grade, which is also when they can go to prom. This book offers excellent lessons, and it can be a beautiful prom theme idea for your school's prom. Students can bring their interpretations of the story to life. This prom theme encourages students to read the story and embrace its characters and aesthetics. 

  • Rent or have students create a black, white and gold entrance that looks luxurious. 
  • Use white chairs and tablecloths to make things more formal. 
  • Decorate with twinkling lights, pearls and loose clothing (in reference to the story). 
  • Encourage students to wear outfits inspired by the Roaring 20s. 

7. Under the Sea

Under the Sea - Prom Theme

The fish will finally be out of school and free on the dance floor with this playful prom theme. 

An Under the Sea prom theme is a timeless story that Disney shared in “The Little Mermaid” on film. The students can wear mermaid-style dresses or couples can match with vibrant scale designs. There are plenty of underwater prom ideas and activities to add to the evening, such as: 

  • Hang jellyfish balloons from the ceiling with blue streamers. 
  • Add blue LED bulbs to fixtures to make it appear like the dance floor is underwater. 
  • Draw coral, fish and sand in your photo booth backdrops (students can create these backdrops in art courses). 
  • Host an outdoor movie night featuring "The Little Mermaid" to raise funds for the prom. 

8. Bite Into the Big Apple

Bit Into the Big Apple - Prom Theme

What student doesn't dream of walking the streets of New York City and strolling through Central Park? 

If you couldn't get the funding for an NYC field trip, you can surely pull off this fun prom idea. There is endless inspiration from the city that never sleeps, and you can incorporate them into your theme with these prom decoration ideas: 

  • Create a silhouette backdrop of the city (use as general decor or for a photo booth area). 
  • Gather teacher appreciation day gifts and put those decorative apples to good use with centerpieces. 
  • Bring Times Square to the dance floor and surround students with billboards featuring the year's highlights. 
  • Create a cardboard version of the iconic taxicab people see in the city. 
  • Throw a fundraising event showcasing student artwork (fits the NYC theme because of the Museum District). 

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9. Country Rustic

Country Rustic - Prom Theme

If your students enjoy country music and rodeos, a country rustic high school prom theme can make them happy. 

Although your DJ should play music genres beyond country music, you can still make the most of a country theme. Twinkling lights, pastel colors and wooden accents will help you achieve this simple and charming style. For example: 

  • To go above and beyond, schedule an on-site petting farm at the venue. 
  • Instead of throwing prom in your school atrium or local banquet hall, consider a farmhouse. 
  • Students can throw a bake sale to raise funds for the event. 
  • Think western or shabby chic while decorating. You can take a fairytale approach or go rustic with barn features. 

10. Fire and Ice

Fire Ice - Prom Theme

A Fire and Ice prom theme will balance the room with cool tones of blue and silver or dark red and black.  

No matter where you're hosting a prom, you can pull off this theme with a few colors. Flame and ice features will naturally fill the room, keeping things cool and hot on the dance floor. Here are some tips for a fire and ice prom: 

  • Use ice as a decorative element. It's relatively cheap or free if you have large frozen storage space. 
  • Place red and blue bulbs in the lights, but not too close together (if you place them too close, it will appear purple). 
  • Cover tables and chairs with white cloths so they pick up the colors from the lights and décor. 
  • If you need help with funding, students and staff can have an ice-carving contest and you can display the winners at the prom. 

11. Neon Nights

Neon Nights - Prom Theme

High schoolers are no strangers to highlighters, which they often use every day in the classroom. 

If you want to turn this commonly used item into an exciting prom theme idea, Neon Nights is a perfect choice. You can fill the venue with black lights so students' dresses and suits stand out and glow. Neon Nights will make prom feel like a rave and no one will miss out on the fun. To amp up the look of this prom decoration idea: 

  • Offer glow sticks to students at the venue entrance. 
  • Plan for prom with our school budget template and sample. 
  • Keep decorations simple by using white. It’s a perfect backdrop for the colors in the black light. 
  • Add a fog machine. The vapor reflects the light and enhances the overall appearance. 

12. Return to the Zoo

Return to the Zoo - Prom Theme

Many students have their first memories of the zoo from their early days in school. 

If you want to bring these memories back, you can do it with playful animal prints and tropical plants. Use stuffed animals, blow-up animals and vines to decorate your venue naturally. There are no mistakes in nature — this theme is chaotic and nostalgic, and will set the tone for the night. Try these ideas: 

  • Place fake grassy and tropical plants in the center of the tables. 
  • Encourage students to incorporate zebra, giraffe and other zoo animal prints in their outfits. 
  • Have a volunteer group or art classes create photo booths that highlight the most notable exhibits at your local zoo. 
  • Fund prom with a fun event. Let students "adopt" stuffed animals at an upcoming event or in a central location. 

13. A Night in Paris

A Night In Paris - Prom Theme

Students don't have to travel abroad to appreciate the beauty of Paris, France. 

French cuisine and clothing styles will be easy to incorporate in a Night in Paris prom theme — they are elegant and focus on simplicity. Paris proms typically have an Eiffel Tower focal point, but there are plenty of other ways to add to the theme, like: 

  • Have your culinary arts class develop a menu and French dishes. You can plan a community dinner and people can make donations toward the dance. 
  • String the Eiffel Tower cutout with twinkling lights. 
  • Highlight the iconic black streetlamps that are often seen in Paris and a full moon. 
  • France plays a critical role in the fashion industry. Have staff encourage students to look for authentic brands. 
  • Use cardboard, construction paper and paint to turn the venue into Paris. 

14. Walking Through Wonderland

Walking Through Wonderland - Prom Theme

Students love to be surprised and an "Alice in Wonderland" high school prom theme will surely do the trick. 

You can turn the dance floor into the famous red and black checkerboard that's run by the Queen of Hearts. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party works perfectly for filling the building with decor and designing centerpieces. Juniors and seniors will love the nostalgia of the movie and stepping into another realm. Prom decoration ideas for this theme might include: 

  • Gather funding with a community tea party. We discuss how simple this event can be in this article. 
  • Decorate with brightly colored and eccentric teacups. 
  • Have students create normal-sized and miniature items to embrace the theme. 
  • Look for whimsical decorations at local thrift stores. 
  • Create oversized playing cards to place near the checkerboard dance floor, acting as the queen's guards. 

15. Turn Elements Into Enchantment 

Turn Elements Into Enchantment - Prom Theme

If you're looking for a prom idea that involves the planet, you don't want to overlook the main elements. 

Earth, water, air and fire make up the universe, which many high schoolers spend hours each year learning about. You can turn a disliked lesson into inspiration, and there's a chance students might pay extra attention in classes to achieve a unique style. To boost this theme: 

  • Decorate tables or sections of the room based on one of the elements. 
  • Incorporate fire with spicy dishes, red and orange decor and flameless candles. 
  • Add water elements with centerpieces with clear water beads, water and lights. 
  • Emphasize Earth with shades of green and blue to represent the oceans and land. 
  • Add fans and balloons to the air sections and let students sit with the element they came to represent. 

16. Blast Off Into Another Galaxy 

Blast Off Into Another Galaxy - Prom Theme

Many schools have spirit weeks leading up to the prom dance. If you're planning on going out of this world for a dance, you can look at our Spirit Day ideas to build excitement for the trip to a space prom theme. You can project the galaxy on the dance floor or ceiling and the rest of the decor will be easy to make. Take a look: 

  • Let students craft a star or planet that can be used in the decor. Students can then find their artwork during the dance. 
  • Place glow-in-the-dark stars in the center of tables and use blacklights to accentuate them. 
  • Create a UFO- and space-themed photo booth areas where students can take selfies. 
  • Teachers and finance officials can work together to gather homemade resources and reduce prom costs. 
  • Fly further into the stars by adding Dr. Who decor and alien-inspired objects. 
  • If your school has a planetarium, you can open shows to the public and put the money toward prom expenses. 

17. Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian Vibes - Prom Theme

High school prom themes are often repeated, especially when decor can be reused to save money. 

If you're looking for an affordable and worthy prom theme idea, boho could be the answer. Students can embrace their inner hippies and wear flowy clothes that are unique and colorful. What makes this theme so wonderful is that it encourages kindness and community. Consider these ideas to set the mood: 

  • Decorate with bright colors and abstract patterns or designs. 
  • Place flowers, peace signs and Earthy decor around the venue and highlight them in centerpieces. 
  • If you need to come up with family night ideas for funding, we can help. 
  • Burlap, lace and pastel colors work well with this theme. Don't worry about everything matching perfectly. 
  • Hang fake flowers above the dance floor and let the lights show off the beautiful shades of green, pink, yellow and purple. 

18. Fairytale Dream

Fairytale Dream - Prom Theme

So many girls grow up dreaming of being the princess in their stories, and you can make this a reality for one night. 

Dreamy fairytale prom themes are elegant and imaginative, and they offer plenty of hope. You can add themes from the movies "Snow White," "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella" to bring back memories for your students. Also: 

  • Rent or have students design and build a pumpkin carriage that's memorable from the movie "Cinderella." 
  • Place twinkling lights on any fixture you can and include rainbows in the backdrops. 
  • Create a beautiful castle out of cardboard for the students to take photos of. 
  • Announce the prom king and queen in front of the castle. 
  • To afford this theme, host a fairytale story time that the community can attend (the target audience will be parents with children). 

19. Dripping in Luxury

Dripping in Luxury - Prom Theme

If there's any day or event that you should splurge on for your students, it should be for prom. 

Diamonds, gold and pearls (fake, of course) are timeless decorations that can be used for your Dripping in Luxury prom theme and for future dances. Staff will have fun putting this theme together because they can embrace their "bougie" side, as the students would put it. Think about including these elements: 

  • Create photo booth backdrops with elegant fabrics and embellishments. 
  • Look for a venue with a fountain or marble flooring. 
  • Offer sparkling water and juice to dancegoers in champagne flutes (plastic is recommended). 
  • If you need funding for your school dance, take a look at our top prom fundraising ideas

20. Diving Into Different Decades

Diving into Differnet Decades - Prom Theme

Focusing on a specific decade for a dance theme is common, but have you considered blending them? 

This dance theme can let students flash back to the 80s or buy “Stranger Things”-inspired outfits. When your graduating class can get inspiration from any decade, it gives them a chance to catch attention with an original piece. To add to the theme: 

  • Host a fashion show and open it to the public to increase funding (students and staff can dress in iconic clothing from different decades). 
  • If you do Spirit Week leading up to prom, dedicate each day to a different decade. 
  • Decorate with old newspaper clippings and highlights of each decade. 
  • Schools that want to gift something to students can offer disposable cameras. 

21. Floating on the Ocean

Floating on the Ocean - Prom Theme

Students can take to the shore with a Floating on the Ocean prom theme idea. 

High school prom themes are often repeated, but this is a rare idea. Fill the room with handmade pirate ships and treasure, setting the right vibes so no one has to walk the plank. You can also: 

  • Host a dunk event so students can donate money for prom and watch their favorite (or not-so-favorite) education staff take a dip in the water. 
  • Embrace the shipwreck theme. This way the decorations don't have to be perfect. 
  • Hang floaties and fish cutouts on the walls with coral reef and blue streamers. 
  • Build a large wave that students can take photos in front of. 

22. Abstract 

Abstract - Prom Theme

Students spend all day working on memorizing facts and figures to prepare for exams. 

An abstract prom theme will give your junior and senior classes a fun way to celebrate their imaginative sides and think outside the box. Bold patterns, bright colors and abstract patterns will set the perfect tone for a party. As part of the theme: 

  • Throw an art museum event, where students can showcase their hard work (entrance fee money goes to the dance). 
  • Have administrators and teachers hang their favorite pieces of abstract art to help inspire students. 
  • Decorate the prom venue with pieces of artwork you find at discounted pieces at thrift stores and online. 

23. Four Seasons 

Four Seasons - Prom Theme

No one is more excited to move closer to summer than juniors and seniors. 

However, throwing a Four Seasons prom gives everyone the chance to embrace their favorite time of year. Students can dress in clothing inspired by spring, summer, fall or winter, and finding decor won't be a difficulty if you buy items when they go on sale. For example: 

  • Designate each corner of the venue to a specific season. 
  • Play seasonal songs throughout the night but don't skip on the old-time favorites and trending songs. 
  • Have each candidate on the prom panel select a season and have them come up with related activities. 
  • Gather funding for prom by sending donation letters. You can use our template here

24. Victorian Gothic

Victorian Gothic - Prom Theme

With more than 750 million viewing hours in the first two weeks, don't be surprised if students want to embrace their goth side because of “Wednesday.” 

A Victorian gothic prom theme isn't common and the students will love the different styles. This will become one of the most popular trendy prom ideas for 2024 if you can pull it off with some of these ideas: 

  • Decorate with dark shades of red, blue and purple. 
  • Incorporate black lace and faux leather on wall decor and in centerpieces. 
  • Use fake skulls and red and black roses for decorating tables and stages. 
  • Have students and their families pay an entrance fee for a movie night of "The Addams Family." 

25. Masquerade Ball 

Masquerade Ball - Prom Theme

There's nothing more magical than a night at the Masquerade Ball. 

Students can wear their best clothing and add curiosity to the night with beautiful, delicate masks. Whether students want to craft masks or wear ones you give away at the prom, they will feel more confident to step on the dance floor. The average high schooler experiences dance-related stress leading up to the big day, and masks will help in the moment. Add these elements too: 

  • Gold and black decorations with red streamers. 
  • Host a silent auction at the school to gain funding for the dance. 
  • Scatter rose petals and diamonds throughout the décor. 
  • Have staff volunteer decorate masks for students who can't bring their own and incorporate them into a masquerade prom theme decoration that students can take them from. 

26. Butterfly Garden 

Butterfly Garden - Prom Theme

A butterfly garden is the perfect theme for prom because most dances occur in the spring. 

With this theme, students can display bright colors and patterns on a dance floor that looks like a meadow. Butterflies, birds and ladybugs can fill the room with accents of green. This is an uplifting theme that students can be creative and flexible with when selecting outfits. Other ways to use this prom theme idea: 

  • Teach students about gardening and have them find inspiration from beautiful variations of butterflies. 
  • If you want ample funding for prom, you can have teachers volunteer to grow produce and put the money toward the dance. 
  • Use construction paper, cardboard and felt to create a butterfly garden or field of flowers. 
  • Invest in discounted or wholesale artificial flowers, which can be used again in the future. 

27. Disney and Pixar Movies

Disney Pixar Movies - Prom Theme

Disney films play a big role in child development, and they teach children about acceptance and many situations in society. 

With the use of excellent storytelling skills, Disney has inspired boys and girls to pursue their dreams. If you want to encourage your graduating class to stay true to themselves, a Disney prom theme will do the trick. For example: 

  • Have students dress in their favorite prince or princess attire. 
  • Host a community drive-in movie (have students vote on which movie they want to see) and use the entrance fee to help pay for the venue and decorations. 
  • Print movie posters and hang them on the walls. 
  • Decorate with Mickey Mouse ears, magic wands and vibrant colors. 

28. Las Vegas 

Las Vegas - Prom Theme

Whether you want to host a casino night or highlight the magic of Vegas, you can do it with a Las Vegas prom theme. 

Students will be intrigued and curious when they step into the unknown world of Las Vegas. Not only is it a hot spot for casinos, but the entertainment is out of this world. You can bring Vegas to your prom venue with some of these ideas: 

  • Hire a magician or entertainment to capture the attention of students when they aren't dancing. 
  • Use playing cards, dice and poker chips to create centerpieces (these items can be bought in mass quantities for cheap prices). 
  • Create a photo booth area with the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. 

29. Overlooking the Mountains 

Overlooking Mountains - Prom Theme

If your team is searching for a breathtaking prom theme, you can find inspiration from mountains. 

Mountain ranges are perfect for prom because they can lead to romance and exploration. Dancing with friends, surrounded by silhouettes of mountains, will be an unforgettable experience. Use these ideas for inspiration: 

  • We offer resources for preparing for prom. Check out our free planning checklist. 
  • Build mountains from cardboard. They are easy to make and can be decorated with paint. 
  • Emphasize pine trees, rivers and snow with the theme, especially if you're finding inspiration from the Rocky Mountains. 

30. Ice Cream Parlor 

Ice Cream Parlor - Prom Theme

There's nothing sweeter than a cold scoop of ice cream, and it's the perfect theme to keep things cool on the dance floor. 

Turning your prom venue into an ice cream parlor will be fun for both students and staff. The playful colors of teal, yellow, pink and green will brighten the room and encourage everyone to smile. You can also invest in an ice cream bar for students to enjoy at their tables. To pump up the theme: 

  • Build ice cream shop fixtures and sell scoops to the community or at a local event for fundraising. 
  • Let each person decorate an ice cream cone (using whatever crafting materials they want) and use them as decorations at the venue. 
  • Go traditional with plain scoops of ice cream or offer gelato, frozen yogurt and other icy treats. 

31. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Walking in A Winter Wonderland - Prom Theme

Most schools have homecoming and winter dances for students, and a Winter Wonderland prom theme is common and popular. 

Using this chilly theme for prom can be a fun twist because students go big for the dance. Although the temps might be warming up, students can chill in the middle of a blizzard without getting cold. Enhance the deep freeze theme with these ideas: 

  • Use a snow globe as inspiration for decorating the venue and dance floor. 
  • Create snowflakes with paper, cardboard, felt and aluminum foil to fill the room. 
  • Focus on using light shades of blue, white, silver and gray. 

32. Touring Hogwarts Castle 

Touring Hogwarts Castle - Prom Theme

Many high schoolers and staff have either read or watched the Harry Potter series. 

Harry Potter high school prom themes are becoming trendy and there is always new decor you can invest in. Yellow, red, blue and green banners can hang from the ceiling, representing each house in the school, plus: 

  • Students can dress in their house colors (Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff). 
  • Instead of creating traditional prom tickets for entrance, design them to look like letters from Hogwarts. 
  • Coordinate a high school takeover at the local theater (students can volunteer to work and the money goes toward prom). 

33. Exploring the Titanic 

Exploring Titanic - Prom Theme

You and other admins may have memories of watching “The Titanic,” while the younger generations have only seen TikTok clips. Exploring the Titanic can make for an interesting prom night and finding decor inspiration will be effortless, for example: 

  • Decorate the DJ booth or dance floor as an iceberg. 
  • Have a group of students design and create a scene from the movie to be used in the photo area. 

34. Haunted Mystery 

Haunted Mystery - Prom Theme

Planning a prom comes down to the smallest details, but how many people will notice them? 

Mystery dinners and shows are trendy prom ideas for 2024 and the best part is that they are interactive. Students, staff or hired actors can put on a show, leaving the audience with questions and clues they must take a closer look at. To help set the scene: 

  • Put a riddle or clue on the prom invitations. 
  • Use a theme from the mystery as inspiration for creating centerpieces. The signs will be right in front of them but easy to disregard. 

35. Earthly Inspiration 

Earthly Inspiration - Prom Theme

Younger generations are playing an active role in protecting the planet and you can reward them for their efforts at prom. 

A sustainable prom doesn't have to be lacking or dull; in fact, it can be one of the liveliest themes out there. Surround students by filling the room with dark shades of green and blue plants and animals. To keep the eco theme going: 

  • Order prom food from a "misfit" produce vendor that sells "uglier" items at a discounted price since grocery stores won't select them. 
  • Encourage students to thrift their dresses or find alternative and eco-friendly options. 

36. The Gold Rush 

The Gold Rush - Prom Theme

If you're looking for a rustic, yet luxurious, prom theme, the Gold Rush is a shimmering prom theme idea. 

Everywhere you look, you will see gold bars, wooden accents and treasures. Students will love this theme, especially if you include a panning table where they can find gold pieces. Although gold might be a valuable asset, you can still host the theme with more affordable items, such as: 

  • Place chocolate gold coins on the tables and in jars for students to snack on. 
  • Buy chocolates that look like gemstones. Students can sift through cookie crumbs for dessert and enjoy their findings. 
  • For funding, view our blog for a variety of ideas. 

37. Circus 

Circus - Prom Theme

When kids go to the circus at a young age, they may be fearful of the quick movements and magic. 

Now that they've grown, you can bring the playfulness of the circus and carnival back without fear. Your circus-themed prom will excite students with primary colors, lights and tapestries hanging from the ceiling. Liven up the venue with these ideas: 

  • Use red and white streamers on the ceiling to re-create the views of a circus tent. 
  • Decorate with balloons and masks. 
  • Offer a carnival food truck at the venue for students (don't forget cotton candy!). 

38. Dr. Suess 

Dr Seuss - Prom Theme

Every year, students across the country celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday on March the second. 

This tradition often disappears after kids leave elementary school, but they can get one last memory with their classmates and the books. There are endless themes to select from or you can blend the worlds with aspects from all the books, like this: 

  • Consider peer-to-peer reading fundraisers. They encourage academic excellence and fit the theme. 
  • Make references to the books on the menu, invitations and in the decorations. 
  • Let students get creative with tacky or abstract outfits that would make sense in Suess’s world.

39. Fairy Realm

Fairy Realm - Prom Theme

The fairy realm is often overlooked because people think of fairytale stories with princesses. 

If you want a unique theme that's whimsical, you can bring the fairies into your dance venue. Woodland, winter and flower fairies are a few variations, but these are only a some of the options to consider. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • If you created a fake tree for previous dances, use that and any greenery or flowers in the storage room. 
  • Decorate with floral patterns, stone pathways and flowers. 
  • Create a whimsical door frame for students to take photos in front of. 

40. Disco Party 

Disco Party - Prom Theme

The 70s and 80s brought the disco ball to the dance floor, but many high schoolers have never seen one in action. 

Whether you find inspiration from “Saturday Night Fever” or another movie, you can turn the lights on and watch students explore their dance moves. Disco parties are lively and encourage people to get involved and dance, making it perfect for prom. To get the party humming: 

  • Hang a disco ball above the dance floor and direct the lights on the ball. 
  • Look for a venue with a disco area. This can minimize decoration and venue costs. 
  • If you need funding, host a dance competition and use the proceeds to help with prom expenses. 

41. Painting Prom 

Painting Prom - Prom Theme

Prom is similar to a blank canvas, it has endless potential, but you must control the creation. 

Painting prom is a playful theme where students can show off every shade of color in the rainbow. Whether the students wear white formal clothes and splatter them with paint, or wear vibrant colors, they'll contribute to the theme. Also: 

  • Hire a caricature artist for prom to paint portraits of students. 
  • Find decorative supplies in the art room. Students can easily contribute to decorations with custom creations. 
  • Create oversized paint palettes and brushes for decorations. 

42. Cozy Café 

Cozy Cafe - Prom Theme

If your school scheduled prom for the morning or afternoon, a cozy café theme will fit in perfectly. 

Fake fireplaces and lounge areas can fill the space outside the dance floor. Although this theme might seem slow-paced, the DJ can energize the crowd like a cup of coffee. Incorporating café food and beverages will also keep the students happy. Bring the café to life with these ideas: 

  • Offer decaf and other coffee beverages and have a barista on-site. 
  • Work with your local café and have volunteers assist the company and the money will help with prom. 
  • Have a team of volunteers create an oversized coffee cup to use in the photo booth area. 

43. Candy Land

Candy Land - Prom Theme

One of the most memorable games of everyone's childhood is Candy Land. 

The light pink, white and blue stood out on the board with the vibrant candy canes adding contrast. You can turn your dance floor into a board game and let your students display their best interpretations. Add color to the game: 

  • Use balloons and student-made candy pieces to decorate the venue (use cardboard, tissue paper and glitter). 
  • Take part in a holiday fundraiser and pay for prom by selling chocolates. 
  • Borrow decor from previous prom theme ideas and celebrations. 
  • Brainstorm prom decoration ideas with students and staff. 


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