The Giving Trends You Need for 2021 and Beyond Are Here!

Posted by Vanco on May 24, 2021 11:47:45 AM


Do you know how your members prefer to give? In 2021, Vanco conducted the fourth biennial study of 1,000 churchgoers across the country and across Christian denominations to find out. Now, we’re ready to share what we discovered.  

Here’s an overview of what we found.  

Giving and eGiving Preferences Are Changing 

We’ve seen a growing preference for eGiving since conducting our first study in 2015. This year’s survey revealed that for the first time, churchgoers now prefer eGiving over traditional giving methods. Since many churchgoers opted to attend services and activities virtually in 2020, this makes sense.  

  • 51% of churchgoers prefer eGiving. 
  • 78% of churches now offer eGiving options. 
  • Churchgoers believe eGiving helps their church receive consistent income and allows them to give when they’re unable to attend in person.  

The Most Active, Generous Churchgoers Use eGiving 

Our findings revealed interesting trends with churchgoers who prefer eGiving. Over the years, we have found eGivers to be among the most generous and active members of the church. These members tend to give more of their income to the church and donate more frequently. When considering how flexible eGiving is, these findings make sense: eGiving tools allow members to contribute whether they’re attending in person or virtually. They can also quickly send one-time gifts from anywhere.   

  • 51% of eGivers donate 10% or more of their income, while just 43% of traditional givers do the same.  
  • eGivers donate more frequently than traditional givers.  
  • 55% of eGivers attend church weekly, compared with 51% of traditional givers.  

Processing Fees Are Not a Barrier to eGiving 

Those of us who have contributed to a charitable cause or paid a bill online are families with processing fees. The convenience of making a quick-and-easy payment often outweighs the inconvenience of paying a little extra. We found this to be true for eGivers as well.  

  • 83% of eGivers are willing to pay an additional 2% to 4% processing fee on top of their contribution. 
  • 67% of all churchgoers are willing to pay this processing fee as well.  
  • Some eGiving providers, such as Vanco, offer churches the ability to ask members to pay some or all of the processing fee when making a donation.  

One of the biggest takeaways from our fourth edition of the Churchgoer Giving Study is that preference for more convenient giving methods is growing. More churchgoers than ever prefer to contribute using eGiving methods – text, smartphone apps, recurring credit and debit card gifts and online donation pages.  

Church leaders can use this data to better understand the needs of their congregations and develop effective giving and engagement strategies. 

Want to learn more? Download the full report for the rest of our findings about churchgoer giving habits and virtual attendance.  



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