More Online Giving Options for Churches Please!

Posted by Richard Bauer on Feb 21, 2018 1:00:20 PM

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a... Read More

Stewardship: Where’s the Love?

Posted by Marcia Shetler on Feb 14, 2018 1:00:37 PM

The hearts-and-flowers, warm-fuzzy-feeling Valentine’s Day that we experience is vastly different than the festivals connected... Read More

2017 Churchgoer Giving Study

Posted by Richard Bauer on Dec 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Two years have passed since we released the first findings from our groundbreaking survey of churchgoers’ attitudes, preferences... Read More

Take the Test: Is Your Church Ready for Asset-Based Giving?

Posted by Steve Caton on Nov 8, 2017 1:00:53 PM

Every year we see new trends — cars, fashion, technology — we even add new words to our vocabulary. Some trends are fleeting but... Read More

Five Reasons NOT to Launch a Traditional Church Capital Campaign

Posted by Rusty Lewis on Oct 18, 2017 1:00:30 PM

Congratulations! Your church is in a season of growth! But as a lead pastor or executive pastor, you’re aware of... Read More

When Enough Isn't Enough

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Oct 4, 2017 1:00:23 PM

When it comes to how well your church’s needs and your congregation’s giving match up, members may genuinely believe you have... Read More

8 Steps to Craft a Theology of Stewardship

Posted by Joel Mikell on Sep 27, 2017 1:00:55 PM

Theory is great, but putting it into practice is even better. Following are eight steps you and your leadership team can follow... Read More

Sowing and Reaping

Posted by Philip Nation on Sep 13, 2017 1:00:39 PM

We live in a transactional society. We pay. We get. It’s always supposed to be fair and even. But it rarely happens that way. So,... Read More

Choosing the Right Online Giving Options for Your Church

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Aug 31, 2017 2:00:00 PM

It’s understandable that leaders whose churches have relied only on traditional giving might be overwhelmed when they begin... Read More

Accepting and Honoring Church Memorial Gifts

Posted by Clayton Smith on Aug 16, 2017 1:00:08 PM

Most churches have a policy and/or committee that accepts memorial, legacy and honor gifts. Many times, this policy has been... Read More

Putting God First

Posted by Philip Nation on Aug 2, 2017 1:00:12 PM

The mission of the church is to do whatever it takes to develop disciples of Jesus who gather, grow and go. By that, I mean: Read More

Try 80/20 Rule for Effective Church Stewardship

Posted by Kevin Lee on Jul 26, 2017 1:00:35 PM

So, what is the 80/20 Rule? I’ll get to that in just a moment. But first a question: Are you growing the giving to your church or... Read More

5 Reasons Every Church Should Have a Stewardship Theology

Posted by Joel Mikell on Jul 19, 2017 1:00:10 PM

The seven perspectives I presented in earlier posts from my book, Crafting a Theology of Stewardship, were a starting place for... Read More

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Jun 28, 2017 1:00:19 PM

Anyone who works in a church office knows that raising funds, particularly in summer months, is a challenge. But that effort must... Read More

Crafting a Theology of Stewardship: Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Posted by Joel Mikell on Jun 21, 2017 1:00:07 PM

You simply cannot write, talk, preach or teach on stewardship and generosity without including gratitude and thanksgiving. If... Read More

3 Tips for Managing Ministry in a Growing Church

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Jun 15, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Church growth can be exciting, but also challenging. As well-known Redeemer Presbyterian Church pastor Tim Keller observes, “Size... Read More

Making the Case for Faithful Generosity

Posted by Marcia Shetler on Jun 1, 2017 10:00:32 AM

In 1996, the book Money Matters: Personal Giving in American Churches shared the results of an extensive study of church giving... Read More

Crafting a Theology of Stewardship: Sacrifice and Joy

Posted by Joel Mikell on May 24, 2017 1:00:39 PM

In 2 Samuel 24:24, when King David had the opportunity to give God an offering that wouldn't affect his balance sheet negatively... Read More

Engage Members with Social Media During the Summer

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Apr 27, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Many churches — perhaps yours included — budget for the year based on church population, average total attendance and median... Read More

How to Get People Connected to Your Church

Posted by Jan Jasmin on Apr 20, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Since its earliest days, the American church has been a place where neighbors came together, growing a community through shared... Read More

Crafting a Theology of Stewardship: Generosity Changes People

Posted by Joel Mikell on Mar 22, 2017 1:00:55 PM

We are pleased to offer the fourth in our series of excerpts from Joel Mikell’s eBook, Crafting a Theology of Stewardship . . .... Read More