The Top 27 Church Event Ideas for 2024


Great church event ideas help church members connect with one another and feel like a valued part of a congregation. When people feel included, they enjoy themselves, making these activities a key part of church growth. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate, even when you're presenting an event for what could seem to be a narrow audience, like a ladies church group event or women's ministry event or a fundraising event for church youth groups. 

You can achieve this by accommodating people of varying physical abilities and being sensitive to attendees' cultural backgrounds. In this manner, nobody feels left out and your event obtains credibility immediately. They can help energize your congregation and draw in new members during times when your church is not growing.

Church fellowship ideas can help you build your church presence if you search for ways to do so. Here is a guide of fun church event ideas to help keep and attract new members. With each idea, a good starting point is sending an event invitation letter to generate interest in your activity.

Ideas For Church Fellowship Events

Church Fellowship Event - ConcertThe community can benefit from the church activities, as do its members, by hosting events and meetings with community members, and by creating effective event registration systems. Here are some church fellowship ideas for your church to reach out to the neighborhood. 

1. Plan a Gardening and Environmental Day 

Learning to respect and cherish God's handiwork not only helps the planet, but it also benefits us spiritually. Think about starting a tree-planting initiative or planting a garden. 

Gardening is one way in which your church can help care for the environment. If your church owns the land on which your building resides, consider how some of it can be used to promote ecological sustainability. 

Plant some flowers or grow some vegetables in a specially designated garden. If you don't have room for a garden on church property, consider coordinating with a nearby community garden. Gardening is also a great way of bringing old and young together. 

2. Help Less Fortunate Church Members With a Home Makeover 

Find a church family in need of home improvement assistance. Fill that need in the neighborhood and organize an event to help. Recruit members of the congregation and the surrounding neighborhood to assist with various maintenance, construction and decorating projects. 

3. Offer Community Life Skill Development

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Investing in church members helps establish a thriving congregation. 

Encourage classes that encourage growth and well-being, like yoga in the park, Zumba and other physical group activities in your community's event schedule. Also, promote healthy and personal growth locally. Offer tax preparation and first aid classes to church members. 

As people learn new things and improve their skills, the community as a whole will get stronger. 

4. Organize a Community Fun Day

Community games day features fair games and outdoor competitions. This creates a fun setting that brings community members together. 

Create age groupings for each activity, award prizes and stage unique events. For example: 

  • A father and son basketball competition 
  • A father and daughter dance-off 
  • A mothers-only sack race 

Invite local artisans, crafters, restaurants and other businesses to promote and sponsor your event. Fundraise on the day by selling snacks, drinks, crafts and fair tickets. 

Church Christmas Event Ideas


There’s no denying that Christmas is one of the year's most festive times in both the religious and secular realms. The secular world places emphasis on present shopping and family gatherings rather than Christ’s birth. 

However, there are many opportunities for your church to engage with your local community and remind them of the reason for the season. 

Here are some Christmas church involvement ideas that your church might hold to reach out to the community. 

1. Plan a Christmas Seasonal Market 

With the help of a Christmas market, you'll take full advantage of the holiday spirit of giving to bring new people into your church's fellowship. 

People in your church can give you gently used items that are still in good shape, which you can then sell and give new life to with someone who can put them to good use. A Christmas market always attracts many people because after all, who doesn't like a bargain? 

In addition to the above, meals and baked items are always in demand and can be sold as part of the market. This event is an excellent way for your church to raise money and simultaneously reach out to the community. 

2. Host an "Adopt a Family" Gift Collection Drive 

At this time of year, many households face difficulties. Christmas gives more financial stress to families due to the pressure of buying presents and preparing food for loved ones. 

Having a gift collection drive at your church may be a great way to help families in need. Get the congregation to "adopt" a family and provide them with: 

  • Staple food items 
  • Christmas gifts 
  • Store gift cards 

While helping those in need should be the primary goal of this event, promoting your church as a source of comfort and support is another positive aspect. 

A good idea is to include a church business card or some other branded material with the presents. The point isn't to flaunt your charity, but rather to let people know that your church cares about them spiritually as much as materially. 

3. Organize a Christmas Concert 

It's safe to say that most people love Christmas carols. Even the most religious Christmas carols have broad appeal - there’s just something comforting about these old tunes that resonates with people. 

Get your worship band involved in planning a Christmas concert for the neighborhood. People from all across the neighborhood will flock to your church for this. Try to keep admission free and ask for donations as a way to raise support. 

4. Host a "Call on Those Who Are Housebound" Drive 

Those who spend Christmas alone, whether at home or in a nursing home, have a very tough time because they aren’t able to be around friends and family as much. Reach out to these folks in your neighborhood. 

Sometimes the company is all they need. Another option is giving them a small Christmas card with a small gift or a small Bible with a narrative inside. Any small efforts to brighten people's holiday seasons will be much appreciated. 


5. Play Out the Christmas Story in a Live Nativity Play 

A meaningful and heartfelt way to mark Christmas is with nativity scenes. You can do this event inside your church, but if you truly want to reach people, go outside! People of all ages, but particularly children, love to take part in this activity. 

Think of the important players: 

  • Mary 
  • Baby Jesus 
  • Joseph 
  • The angel 
  • The shepherds 
  • The three wise men 
  • An innkeeper 

Live animals such as donkeys, sheep and even cows provide realism and enjoyment to the entire experience, especially for young people. For this, it is best to bring in an animal handler. It's worth the extra labor. 

Before or after viewing the live Nativity, guests can be entertained by Christmas music and carols. 

Even though the characters and story should be true to the Bible, you can give it a new feel and excitement to both the people taking part and the people watching. An example is to think of ways you can show your guests what life was like in Rome when Jesus was born. Perhaps you could add a Roman soldier or two, for instance. 

Include a prayer speech during this significant meeting and be passionate about the positive effects of the live Nativity on the audience. 

Back to School Church Event Ideas


Some kids are excited about the back to school season and others are nervous and it's not only children – parents can also feel the same way. 

Back-to-school is a great time for the church to teach kids to pray and look forward to the future. It's vital to make this prayer evening or event practical for parents and kids who might be hurrying to find last-minute school supplies. 

Host a back-to-school prayer night to start kids out in prayer. Use these children's ministry ideas to make a kids' ministry event that is fun and effective. 

1. Host a Back-to-School Blessing for All 

Gather the children together and give them a blessing. Also, give some time to show your teachers how much you appreciate them. It's a wonderful idea to get to know the people who spend five days a week with your children. 

In addition to teachers, why not invite bus drivers, principals and people who work in the cafeteria? Even if only a few people come, it will be an event to remember. 

2. Give Out Back to School Supply Goodie Bags 

Many families are feeling the financial pinch, especially those who have more than one child. 

It would be great to hand out goodie bags filled with school supplies at your back-to-school blessing event. Even small boxes of pens and pencils, erasers and paper that don't cost much would be helpful. 

3. Hold a Prayer Breakfast For Back-to-School 

Host a back-to-school breakfast event for your children's congregation to give them hope for the new school year. 

A back-to-school breakfast feast for kids and parents is the perfect time for a pancake breakfast. Ask a special guest to give the children words of encouragement for the coming school year during breakfast! 

Easter Event Ideas for Church 

Easter Egg Graphic

To help you plan a memorable celebration, we've come up with a few Easter-themed party suggestions, many of which can help Easter visitors connect with your church. 

1. The All-Time Favorite: Easter Egg Hunt 

Egg hunts are a time-honored tradition for celebrating Easter. Add some flair to your egg hunt by providing participants with: 

  • Baskets to carry their loot 
  • A designated location for children under the age of five where eggs will be more visible 
  • A photo booth to capture the joy on everyone's faces 

Let's face it: searching and finding eggs can be an exhausting job! Why not have an area dedicated to food and drink, not just for the participating children, but also for the adults? 

2. Host an Easter Farmers’ Market 

Organizing a farmers' market can help bring people together while supporting local businesses and crafters. Offer Easter-themed treats and goods such as: 

  • Chocolate eggs 
  • Bunny cakes and muffins 
  • Traditional Easter goodies to be sold at the stalls 

Instead of money as an entrance fee, you could ask for an Easter egg donation. The easter eggs collected in place of a fee could be distributed among the needy families in your community or to an orphanage. 

3. The Traditional Easter Hat Parade 

Hold an Easter bonnet contest to get people thinking fashion fun. You can encourage design submissions in advance and then offer awards at the celebration. 

If you have online guests, they can enter the competition by posting images of their finished projects on social media. A local celebrity judge for the bonnet contest is a great way to boost donations. 

4. Organizing a Picnic Event 

Get out the picnic blankets! Easter is a great time to enjoy a meal outdoors and no family picnic is perfect without some games, like: 

  • Easter bunny sack race 
  • Easter egg and spoon race 
  • Toss the Egg competition 

You could also include an option on your tickets to buy a ready-made packed picnic basket. Alternatively, bring your own basket filled with your choice of goodies. 

Church Easter Kit

5. Why Not Have An Easter Brunch Event? 

Why not include the children if you're having brunch for the adults? Have an Easter-egg-themed brunch with traditional dishes such as: 

  • Scrambled eggs 
  • Eggs Benedict 
  • Eggs royale 
  • Poached eggs 

And for the younger guests, we recommend: 

  • Bunny-shaped sandwiches and biscuits 
  • Painted or dyed hard-boiled eggs 

Easter is even more joyful with a chocolate egg for the kids and a drink of champagne for the adults. 

Now that you have great ideas, it's time to start planning the ideal Easter event. 

Halloween Church Event Ideas

Skull and Pumpkin on Folding Table at Church

Halloween may have origins outside the church, but it’s now widely regarded as a cultural event celebrated with innocent traditions such as: 

  • Apple bobbing competitions 
  • Trick-or-treating 
  • Dressing up in costumes 

Having said that, many churches will want to host their own Halloween or fall-themed event, allowing church members to celebrate the holiday without the spooky elements. 

1. Car-to-Car Trick-or-Treating (AKA: Trunk-or-Treat)

Put that church parking lot to use! Car-to-car trick-or-treating is a whole lot of fun and a safer alternative to typical trick-or-treating. 

Instead of walking from home to home, children go from car to car in a church's parking lot. Make sure everyone can find something they like. The kids will love getting dressed up and getting their favorite candy. 

For the adults and teens, you could serve hot cider and make a fire pit with beach chairs around a portable fire. Yes, even in a parking lot! 

2. Host a Spooky Bible Storytelling Evening 

Halloween and the fall season are frequently associated with telling ghost tales around a campfire. What if your church followed suit, but instead of telling ghost stories, you shared tales of people who had faith in God's promises and had witnessed His mighty acts? 

During Halloween, why not plan a campfire or several smaller ones with seating around for a warm, cozy atmosphere? Consider serving warm drinks and maybe even enjoy some marshmallow roasting to add a toasty feeling to the evening! 

3. Organize a "Collect Home Essentials" Driv

It's not just about the candy at Halloween; plenty of people could use your help with toiletries and personal care items. Hold a drive to collect home essential donations for the homeless in conjunction with a nearby shelter. Together, your congregation's efforts to aid the homeless can have a big impact. Collect items such as: 

  • Dry food 
  • Toiletries  
  • Personal care items 
  • Canned food 
  • Gift cards 
  • Household cleaning goods 

Instead of throwing a party to celebrate Halloween, why not organize a food or supplies drive to teach your church's kids the value of giving to those less fortunate? It’s an event they’ll remember and one that will bless those in need in your community. 

4. Host a Costume Competition 

Costume parties are a favorite activity for people of all ages to celebrate Halloween. For some, it's a chance to put their sewing and craft talents to the test and for others, it’s a chance to dress up as their favorite superhero or princess for the evening. 

A costume contest is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday and show off the creative side of your church community. 

The contest might be held in age groups after a weekend worship service. Appoint church leaders to judge the winners. Candy, mugs or restaurant gift cards are fantastic prizes. ‍ 

5. Hold a Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Event 

People have made carved pumpkins, also known as Jack O' Lanterns, every fall for hundreds of years. Carving pumpkins is rooted in an Irish myth and it remains a fun, creative way to spend time as October winds down. 

While older children can safely sculpt pumpkins, you might want to ask for volunteers to supervise the younger children. Also, instead of carving, you could get the younger children to decorate smaller pumpkins with crafting materials such as using: 

  • Glitter glue 
  • Beads and rhinestones 
  • Wool for hair 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Ribbons 

This adds a lot of excitement and makes for brightly colored pumpkins. Give out prizes for the best-looking and most unusual-looking pumpkins. 

It’s a good idea to visit your local farmer's market and buy the pumpkins in bulk. It tends to be cheaper and easier! 

Don’t forget candle lights! Bring votive candles to light the carved pumpkins at the end of the evening. Nothing brings out the character of a carved pumpkin like a light placed inside. Don't forget the carving tools and newspaper and trash bags to clean up. 

Outdoor Church Event Ideas 

Congregation at an Outdoor Church Event

Here are some great ideas for things to do at your next outdoor church outing if you're looking for new ways to bring your congregation closer together. 

During the summer, it's fun to try something new with your church family. People want to have fun, so why not give them some new, fun and interesting things to do that will help them get to know each other and have a good time? 

Here are some exciting outdoor options for your church community to take part in: 

1. Church Hiking Trail Day Trip 

One of the greatest things about hiking is that you can start out without any experience or pricey equipment. All you need is a little bit of time, an adventurous spirit and some advance planning. Hiking outings on nearby hiking trails are always a blast. 

A hiking trail in the fresh air could be just what you need to lift your spirits when you're feeling down. 

Are you ready to tackle the trail? Remember to keep the following suggestions in mind: 

  • Choose your hiking trail to suit everyone 
  • Wear the right shoes 
  • When going on a hike, safety is the number one priority 
  • Wearing various layers will keep you comfortable when the weather changes 
  • Bring water, snacks, matches or a lighter, a flashlight, a pocket knife and, of course, the all-essential first aid kit 
  • Follow the instructions of your hiking leader 

Hiking provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding with family and friends in your church membership, all in the great outdoors. 

2. Hold Outdoor Church Services 

In summer, why not take advantage of the warmer weather? Instead of the traditional indoor church service, why not take it outdoors? It makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. 

3. Organize an Outdoor Movie Evening 

Why not put your church's parking lot to good use? Church movie nights or youth group movie nights can be a way for your church to reach out to the community. It doesn't matter whether show an animated movie for kids or a movie with a religious theme. 

A church movie night helps bring the community together and can help people learn about the church and the support that your church offers. It also allows current members to get to know each other and enjoy a great night under the stars. 
There are a lot of movies with strong moral messages and wonderful stories, which can be a sermon in their own way. Your church's parking lot or lawn are great places to hold an outdoor movie night. 

4. Local Public Parks Clean-Ups 

Local parks need some care and attention. If you notice that there’s a lot of trash in your neighborhood, you can organize a cleanup project. Cleanups of parks that are organized and run by the community are a great way to get rid of trash and connect. 

5. Car Wash Fundraiser for Youth 

You just need your church members, a large enough, signs and cleaning supplies. Car washes are a great way for everyone to get to know each other better. Team building helps people in the congregation stay motivated.  

Once your event takes place, follow up with a thank you for attending message so participants feel welcome and want to participate in future events.

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