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Church Giving & Tithing Statistics

Our team of sleuths conducted our own church giving survey of 1,000 churchgoers and combed through reams of data to provide decisionmakers with the stats they need to plan for the future. To receive all the research and guidance from church giving experts, download our eBook.

Tithing Statistics

  • 5% of churchgoers tithe (Church Development).
  • 1.5 million people tithe out of the 247 million U.S. citizens identifying as Christians (Sharefaith).
  • 77% of tithers give more than 10% (Health Research Funding).
  • If every Christian tithed 10%, faith organizations would have an extra $139 billion each year (Health Research Funding).
  • The giving preferences of those who tithe are almost evenly split between eGiving (27%) and traditional giving (28%) (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).

Average Giving Per Person in church

  • The average weekly giving amount per churchgoer is $17 per week (Health Research Funding).
  • That’s $73.67 a month per giver.
  • That’s $884 a year per giver.
  • U.S. Christians collectively make $5.2 trillion annually—nearly half the world’s total Christian income (Health Research Funding).

Percentage of Donations Going to Faith

  • 49% of the population gave to religious organizations (Philanthropy Outlook).
  • Within the U.S., faith and religious services receive the most donations, more than twice as much as Education, which came in second (Giving USA).
  • 29% of charitable gifts go to faith and religious services (Giving USA).
  • Between 1990 and 2015 the share of overall donations going to faith dropped 50% (New York Times).

Church eGiving Statistics

  • Churchgoers ages 35-44 are two times as likely to give with an app compared to 24-34 year-olds (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • By leveraging eGiving options, churches see overall donations increase by 26%.
  • 30% of churchgoers 45 to 54 years of age say they prefer making donations with their credit or debit cards (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • 76% of people don’t carry more than $50 on them at any given time (US Bank Study).
  • Check payments within the U.S. dropped by 58.8% from 2000 to 2018 (U.S. Federal Reserve).
  • 30% of churchgoers between 35 to 54 prefer to use a giving app as their method of giving (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • Much more than half of churchgoers between 24 and 54 prefer to use electronic tools for church transactions such as bible school, bible study materials, fundraisers and event tickets (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • More than half of churchgoers between 22 and 44 would give more to offset the costs if they knew their church was paying credit card and debit card processing fees (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • 37% of churchgoers between 35 and 44 would give more if they knew their church was paying credit card and debit card processing fees (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • Preferences for giving with a smartphone app has risen 14% among churchgoers between 66 and 72 since 2015 (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • Churchgoers between 24 and 34 would prefer to donate with their credit card more than any other demographic (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • 22% of eGivers contribute to their churches two or three times a month.

The Most Generous Church Givers

  • Women make up three quarters of North American donors (Nonprofit Tech for Good).
  • Baby Boomers give $613 more each year than donors under 40 (Philanthropy daily).
  • People who regularly attend services give an average of $1,737 more to faith each year than those who do not even attend once a month (Philanthropy Daily).
  • Churchgoers in the 35-44 age group are among the most enthusiastic about selecting a cause for their gifts, with 34% reporting doing so (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • 39% of eGivers contribute weekly (compared to 34% of traditional givers).
  • 62% of religious households give to charity compared to 46% of unaffiliated households (Philanthropy Daily).
  • Church givers between 55 and 65 answer the call to tithe more than any other age group with 32% donating the traditional 10% of their income to the church (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).

Churchgoer Participation

  • 62% of Christians worldwide plan on attending fundraising events in the next year (Nonprofit Tech for Good).
  • Church members between 35 and 44 are the most regular attendees at church, with 22% going to church multiple times each week (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • Of all the volunteers in U.S., nearly a third offer their time to religious causes (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).
  • 91% of new church visitors won’t return; however, if churches follow up with new visitors within a few days that number increases, between 60% and 90% (Tony Morgan).
  • Since the year 2000, the number of people who seldomly attend church or rarely attend has risen from 40% to 54% (Gallup).
  • Slightly less than two thirds of millennials identify as Christians compared to more than 80% of Boomers (Barna).
  • eGivers are 12% more likely to attend church conferences than traditional givers (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • eGivers are 10% more likely to participate in a church leadership committee than traditional givers (Vanco Churchgoer Giving Study).
  • 89% of Americans believe in some type of god (Gallup).

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