School Spirit Flags Fundraiser Guide for Boosting Revenue

School Spirit Flags Waving in the WindSchools, PTA’s and parents are often looking for fun and creative ways to raise money to support school programs and one great idea that is sure to please is a school spirit flags fundraiser. This idea is not only targeted to parents, but people living in school neighborhoods enjoy showing their support by flying school spirit flags in their front yards. Some of the most successful school spirit flag fundraisers offer both flag rentals and purchases with the ability for the buyer to customize the flag with a logo, mascot or even their name. 

The following guide details every aspect of a school flags fundraiser from recruiting volunteers to help with design, planning and sales to campaign promotion and concluding with the most effective way to say thank you to supporters. The article also discusses how to integrate school spirit wear into the school spirit campaign and how selling spirit wear apparel enhances fundraising opportunities.  

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What Is a School Spirit Flags Fundraiser? 

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Looking for a way to raise money for your school while also boosting school spirit? A school flags fundraiser is your answer.  A school spirit flags fundraiser is a fundraiser that makes money by selling (or renting out) school flags to people in and around your community. It's a fun and easy way to get your community  involved while simultaneously working toward a specific project or goal.  

 There are lots of different ways you can go about raising money with school spirit flags, so there is no wrong way to do it. With a little creativity and lots of teamwork, your community will be showing off its spirit by flying flags in no time.         

The Benefits of Fundraising  


If you don't have a lot of experience raising money for a cause, you may feel overwhelmed by the task. After all, it can be a lot of work. However, the benefits of fundraising vastly outweigh all the effort that goes into it. 

The obvious and most important benefit is the money that can be used to improve your school (or your community in general). There are so many ways this can be done, whether it's raising money to be able to offer scholarships to students in need, creating new clubs or extracurricular activities, designing engaging after-school programs or childcare activities and more.  

Plus, the act of fundraising gives students experience in building leadership skills and confidence, as they'll be taking charge of certain tasks. Teamwork as a learned skill is another big advantage, and not just for the students but for the entire school community. Teachers, students, parents and other community members will be working together to make the fundraising event the best it can be, and this betters everyone involved. Lastly, it offers another vital lesson to students: the importance of community and taking care of each other. 

By planning and executing a school spirit flags fundraiser to raise money for a specific cause, students will gain first-hand experience working with one another and putting in the hard work to reach a goal. Not only that, but they'll get to offer their own creativity, skills and ideas to help make that goal happen. Learning opportunities don't only happen in the classroom, and this one will benefit students for years to come. 

A Guide to Setting Up a Spirit Flags Fundraiser 

Hand holding cash from a school fundraiserNow that you know many of the benefits a school spirit flags fundraiser offers, you're energized and ready to set one up of your own. The biggest factor in a successful fundraiser is lots and lots of planning. Here are a few steps to help you get started on your flag fundraising event 

Put Together a Team 

A great fundraiser needs a hardworking and focused team behind it. Gather volunteers from the school and community, including parents, teachers, staff and students. You can do this by sending out flyers asking for volunteers, sending emails, posting on social media asking for assistance or any other idea you may think of. 

If you're hoping to pull together student volunteers, it's a good idea to make it a class-wide event. For example, make it clear that everyone in the band will be helping with the spirit flags fundraiser or all the students in a certain biology class. You might even designate each class as a different team and have them compete to see which team can raise the most money in a certain amount of time.  

Let your team of volunteers know what the plan is and what you'll need from them before having them commit to being a part of the fundraiser.  

 Know What You're Raising Money for 

This may seem like an obvious step, but many people skip right over it only thinking about raising money for the school in general and not coming up with a specific cause or reason for using the funds that are raised. If you already know exactly why you're having a school spirit flags fundraiser, such as your school needs new computer equipment or a sports team is raising funds to take a trip, then great. Otherwise, it's time to start brainstorming. 

 Think of ways your school could benefit from extra funds and start making a list of all the ideas. These could include using the money to improve after-school programs, purchase books for the library, host a school-wide dance or even build a new building on the school grounds.  

If your school itself doesn't need money for a specific thing, feel free to raise funds for an organization in your community, a nonprofit whose work your school supports or a person in the school community who currently needs assistance.  

 Once you've created a list or put together a couple of ideas for how the money should be used, take the ideas to the person in charge or have students and volunteers who are involved vote on what the final cause should be. 

 When you're trying to sell school spirit flags, one of the first questions people will ask is what the money is going toward. By not only knowing the answer to this question but also being able to talk about it in detail (and with excitement), you'll be much more likely to receive lots of donations.  

 Decide on a Budget 

With your reason or cause for fundraising in mind, it's time to figure out how much money you're hoping to raise, as well as how much money (or which items) you'll need to complete the fundraiser successfully.  

In terms of the budget for your school spirit flags fundraiser, make a detailed list of everything you'll need. Ideally, your fundraiser won't require many items to get started, helping it make money faster. But if you're selling something like custom spirit flags, you'll want to know how the costs of each flag break down.  

 Are you hoping to get many of the fundraising essentials from volunteers? Note this detail and come up with a plan for how you'll ask for help and enlist the volunteers to donate their time, money or items. You'll want to tell the volunteers exactly what's needed in as much detail as possible, so working all of this out beforehand is a good idea. Also, think about how much you will sell each spirit flag and/or flagpole for (if this isn't already predetermined). Make sure the price is reasonable for customers while still giving you a substantial profit. 

 Once you've decided on your budget and come up with a plan of action to adhere to, share this information with the rest of the fundraising team so everyone is on the same page.  

 Customize Your School Spirit Flags 

This is the fun part - designing your school spirit flags. 

 If your school doesn't already have a flag design, there are lots of companies who specialize in making a flag that's unique and spirited, just like your school. Come up with a few different ideas for what you'd like the flag to look like, including your school colors, mascot and logo. You might even ask students to submit their own drawings or ideas for what the spirit flag should look like and have everyone vote on the winner before the school spirit flags fundraiser officially kicks off. 

 While it's important to get creative, remember that simplicity is best and will show up more clearly on your flag.  

 Choose Your Fundraising Strategy 

There are several different spirit flag ideas for school fundraisers in terms of how to sell them. Which option you go with will depend on what your team is comfortable with, and which choice works best for your unique school.  

 Here's a look at some of your options. 

 Spirit Flag Rentals 

If you would like to offer a low-cost option for those in your community, allow people to rent the spirit flags for a specific amount of time instead of purchasing them in full. This option works especially well if you plan the spirit flag rentals around a time when school spirit is at its highest, such as during homecoming. People love being part of a group celebration and telling others that you're trying to get the community to show their school pride for a certain time or event tends to work well. 

 With this method, people will pay a set amount to rent a spirit flag for several weeks to several months. You or your volunteers will oversee not only collecting the money from the rentals and delivering the flags but also putting up the flags. And once the allotted time has passed, you'll need to gather the flags (and flagpoles, if necessary) from each person.  

 If your school spirit flag fundraiser only has a small planning team or your students can't go back out and collect all the flags several months later, this might not be the best option for you. But it's a great way to get your community involved in the school spirit at an affordable price. 

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 Buying a Spirit Flag 

Maybe instead of a flag rental, you'd like to give people the option to own the spirit flag they're paying for. In this scenario, you and your team will only have to deliver and install the flag poles, if necessary, instead of having to return to the buyer and take back the flags. This makes the process more straightforward for students and volunteers. 

 There are several ways you can reach out to people about buying spirit flags. The easiest way is through email or social media, as this allows you to tell lots of people about the fundraiser at once and at no cost. But if you're looking for a more interactive way, going door to door is a good option too. People may even be more likely to purchase a flag if you talk to them in person, as they see all the enthusiasm and effort you're putting in. Everyone loves a personal touch. 

 If possible, offer people more than one spirit flag option. You may have flags in two different colors or a couple of different designs for people to choose from. 

 Let people know when the flag they ordered should arrive. And if they say they aren't able to purchase one at this time, let them know how long the school spirit flags fundraiser will last in case they change their mind and decide to buy one later.  

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 Gifting a Spirit Flag to Someone Else 

If you want to take the selling of school spirit flags one step further, you can encourage people to buy a spirit flag for another person. For example, a student's family could buy a spirit flag for a grandparent or other relative or a neighbor could gift a flag to go to a teacher at the school. This can be a super effective way of raising funds, as people often feel more comfortable spending money on things for others rather than purchasing something for themselves. 

 You could even offer the option of customization, meaning people can have the name of the recipient put onto the flag to honor them (though this will take much more planning and preparation). You can also give them the chance of including a personalized note with the delivery of the spirit flag. 

 Again, when you're selling these flags, let the customer know when the spirit flag will likely be delivered to the recipient of their choosing. It's also a good idea to give them the option of being notified with the flag does arrive at the recipient's doorstep so they feel included from start to finish 

 Create an Online School Spirit Store 

Because most schools don’t have the budget to staff a physical store 24/7, online school stores are an amazing tool. You can easily use them to promote your school spirit flag fundraisers along with any other spirit wear apparel. And the best part? Depending on what online spirit school store provider you use, you can have the items built for you within your web store. No DIY necessary. 

 To learn more about the school fundraising software 1,200+ districts across the country use, click the image below.  

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 Advertise, Advertise, Advertise 

Your school spirit flags fundraiser ideas may be great, but if no one knows you're selling spirit flags or how to purchase them, it's not going to be a success. This is where effective marketing and advertising come in.  

 Get the word out starting with word of mouth. Tell students and faculty members about the fundraiser and ask them to tell others such as their family members, friends and neighbors so as many people find out about it as possible. You might also create flyers to post around town about the fundraiser, such as when it will take place, how much the spirit flags will cost and the cause the money is supporting. Print the information on colorful paper or a large piece of poster board to catch people's attention. 

 Social media is another effective way of advertising the fundraiser. If your school has social media accounts, post countdowns to the start of the fundraiser and updates once it starts happening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok. Feel free to get creative with your posts - the more fun and engaging they are, the more people you'll draw in. 

 Lastly, send out emails to everyone in your school community and post them on your school's website to make sure all your marketing bases are covered. Remind people to reach out and get in touch with the volunteers or the school if they have questions about school spirit flags fundraiser specifics. 

 Show People Your Gratitude  

Once the fundraiser is over, make sure you thank all of those who helped and donated to make it a success. You can do this by sending out an email to everyone explaining how much money you raised or how many flags you sold. 

 You can also create social media posts that offer people information on how the fundraiser went and post a short blurb on your school's web page with the details. If possible, include visuals or pictures that were taken during the fundraising campaign so people can see all the fun that was had. 

 And don’t forget - people always like being appreciated, so consider publicly thanking them. They'll be happy to know how their help ended up positively impacting the project. Plus, this is a good lesson for students to help them understand the power of the words ‘thank you’ and remind them of the importance of having contributions acknowledged.   

School Spirit Ideas for Fundraising 

Cheerleader showing school spirit

School spirit shows up in many different forms and the school spirit flags fundraiser is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unique ideas. Whether you sell school spirit apparel or plan a fun event that brings everyone together and creates a sense of school spirit, it's not difficult to find an idea that sparks excitement among your school community 

Here's a list of ideas for school spirit fundraisers to help you find one that works with your school and student body.  

 Sell Items with Your School Logo 

This one is an easy sell when it comes to fundraising ideas for spirit wear apparel. 

 If your school doesn't already have spirit wear, it's time to design some and it’s easy to do. You can put your school logo or mascot on everything from t-shirts and hoodies to backpacks and hats. You can add your logo to fun items like frisbees, balls and pompoms to really get in the school spirit. Just be sure to choose items in your school colors and make sure you offer a variety of sizes so everyone can find something. 

 Before ordering a big batch of customized items, buy a test item first. This will let you see how the logo or mascot looks on each one before you commit to selling them.  

 Plan a Car Wash 

Next on the list of school fundraiser ideas is a local car wash.  

 Have students wear school shirts (you’re raising money already with your logo wear) so everyone knows they're part of the same group and host a weekend car wash in the school parking lot. You can charge anywhere from $5 to $50, depending on the type of washing services offered. Ask for the supplies for the car wash such as sponges, soap and buckets to be donated by parents or community members. You can also email or mail school fundraising letters to parents to ask for funds for your supplies. Make sure the event has several school chaperones, such as teachers or parent volunteers, to make sure it all goes smoothly.  

 Host a Competition or Challenge 

Students and teachers love competing against one another, so a competition or challenge is sure to raise lots of money. (You can even turn the school spirit flags fundraiser into a competition by giving prizes for the student, or team, who sells the most flags with logos, or to the student who rents the most flags to neighbors without kids in their school). 

 First, pick an activity, such as a basketball game, volleyball game, trivia contest or scavenger hunt – the ideas are endless. Next, separate everyone into groups, whether it's students vs. teachers or students against one another in different school classes. Then, charge an admission fee or sell tickets to watch the event to raise money. You might even offer food and beverages to attract a bigger crowd and raise even more funds. 

 It’s also fun to have everyone who is participating wear different team colors and encourage spectators to dress up in their favorite spirit gear, too.  

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 Raise Money During Spirit Week 

Spirit Week is a great time to raise money for a cause and there are lots of different ideas that will fit right with the activities.  

 One way is to have students pay anywhere from $1-$5 to be able to come to school in their pajamas (a crowd favorite) or to wear jeans for the day if your school has a dress code.  

You might also have a school spirit contest where students, faculty and staff dress up in their wackiest, most spirited outfits, and then everyone votes for their favorite by putting a quarter or a dollar into a specific box. The sky's the limit in terms of creative ideas for this one! 

 Organize a Student Author Book Fair 

This is another creative way to get students involved in the fundraising process.  

 Have students write (and illustrate, if desired) a book to be sold at a book fair. Give the students plenty of time to put together a book that they're proud of, and then advertise the book fair to the school community. People can purchase the books written by the students, and you can offer fun add-ons for additional money, like a signed copy of the book by the author. You can also expand the book fair to include art or other creative items made by students. 

 Go Caroling as a Group 

While this may seem like a seasonal event, it's a fun one to include on the list.  

 Get a group of students, teachers and parents together to go caroling around a nearby neighborhood. Have everyone practice the songs a couple of weeks in advance so everyone knows the words. Also, ask everyone to come dressed in their spirit wear for the big day! 

 There's no reason to limit this activity to just the winter - why not go caroling in the spring or summer, too? 

 Announce a Cleanup Day in the Community 

This is a great way to get students and other school members involved in the local community while having a positive impact.  

 Pick a weekend day when students, faculty, staff, parents and other volunteers will gather in a designated park or other space to clean up trash and other debris. Encourage everyone to wear school spirit wear to emphasize that everyone is part of the same group and make it fun by adding some music, a friendly competition or offering refreshments. 

 You can extend your school spirit flags fundraiser by flying (and selling) the flag at other Spirit Week events. School spirit flags flying next to the street or being waved by students dressed in school spirit wear can help bring extra attention to an event such as a car wash or cleanup day. As you learned in this article, there are a multitude of ways something as fun and simple as a school spirit flags fundraiser can raise money year-round for your school. 


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