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Vanco has helped churches through more than 20 years of holiday giving seasons by providing electronic giving solutions that have boosted donations for tens of thousands of churches. To see how your church can use eGiving to increase donations, give us a call at 855.213.3705 or contact us online to receive a demo.
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How to Quickly Start Online Fundraising

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Top 10 Fundraising Ideas for Churches in 2021

Posted by Vanco on Jul 12, 2021 8:57:05 AM

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Why Corporate Social Responsibility is More Important Than Ever

Posted by Vanco on Jul 12, 2021 8:56:31 AM

In recent years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has grown to become an increasingly important metric within the business... Read More

The Giving Trends You Need for 2021 and Beyond Are Here!

Posted by Vanco on May 24, 2021 11:47:45 AM

What Do You Do When Your Church Is Not Growing?

Posted by Vanco on Mar 15, 2021 3:11:52 PM

Every year, the United States reports about 2.7 million people missing from church congregations. That is a significant decrease... Read More

The Complete Guide to Church Change Management

Posted by Vanco on Mar 11, 2021 12:28:04 PM

Few words can ignite a flurry of emotions like the word "change." This is especially true in the church, where worship is often... Read More

Church Strategic Plan - A Definitive Guide

Posted by Vanco on Mar 10, 2021 3:02:13 PM

Developing a church strategic plan can take place at any point in a ministry. A pastor starting a church has the same challenges... Read More

12 Amazing Church Growth Tools

Posted by Vanco on Mar 5, 2021 11:41:43 AM

Church growth tools are multi-faceted. They range from editing to streaming and everything in between. In fact, the market for... Read More

17 Effective Church Growth Strategies

Posted by Vanco on Mar 3, 2021 12:04:17 PM

Strategizing about growing your church ministries and programs or its membership in general? It can be hard to know where to... Read More

Foolproof Ways to Increase Church Giving

Posted by Vanco on Feb 26, 2021 9:51:35 AM

Although many Christians struggle with tithing, it is part of our faith and should be acknowledged as a joy and a blessing. Some... Read More

Free Church Social Media Strategy Guide

Posted by Vanco on Feb 25, 2021 4:42:06 PM

Whether you are a long-term user of social media platforms or are getting your feet wet, you need a church social media strategy.... Read More

Creating a Church Social Media Policy: The Essential Guide

Posted by Vanco on Feb 25, 2021 3:22:38 PM

With the greater usage of livestreaming and virtual giving, churches across the country are embracing technology more than ever... Read More

How to Use Youtube to Promote Your Church

Posted by Vanco on Feb 24, 2021 5:27:59 PM

It's 2020, churches closed and limited attendance at their services. Mega-churches adapted to the changes quickly because they... Read More

How to Create a Church Facebook Page

Posted by Vanco on Feb 24, 2021 2:42:32 PM

With over 69% of adults on Facebook, today's Christians are taking the great commission to the newest frontier: social media.... Read More

How to Increase Church Tithing

Posted by Vanco on Feb 24, 2021 1:13:56 PM

Learning how to increase church tithing comes down to two factors: Read More

How to Develop an Annual Church Stewardship Plan (Plus Examples)

Posted by Vanco on Feb 15, 2021 3:20:52 PM

Is your church struggling to maintain a balance between good stewards and good tithers throughout the year? Do you find yourself... Read More

Sources of Income for Churches - Alternative & Traditional (The List)

Posted by Vanco on Feb 15, 2021 11:44:40 AM

Traditional forms of giving to churches, like offering plate donations, have declined in recent years. We could blame it all on... Read More

14 Tips for Growing Your Church Membership

Posted by Vanco on Feb 9, 2021 4:37:47 PM

There was already a steady decline in church attendance spanning over the last two decades and the pandemic has really... Read More